Marianist Leadership Center Offers Students $1,500 Grants


Eri Leong

The Marianist Leadership Center’s logo includes the mission of the center.

The Chaminade Marianist Leadership Center is offering students who attend three of its workshops this semester a grant of up to $1,500.

The Marianist Leadership Center noticed low participation in its program when students returned to campus after being online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To incentivize new students to join and reward those who have been through the program, the center is awarding a grant of up to $1,500 to five “quality applicants” who attend three Marianist Leadership Center workshops during the Fall 2022 semester and complete a reflection and application.

The application will require students to pitch what they intend to use the grant for. Proposed options include travel costs to attend out-of-state leadership conventions and studying away at Chaminade’s sister schools, Saint Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, and the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. The grant can also provide supplemental funding for students who aspire to undertake internships but cannot due to work obligations.

“I think that I would be thrilled, elated if students who went through the Marianist Leadership Center could point back to these workshops or the experience of being part of the center and say, ‘That’s part of what made my education at Chaminade different, you know. I’ve learned things in classes, and the [Marianist] center helped me to apply those skills and make them my own,'” said Brother Edward Brink, a member of the Marianist Leadership Center and vice president of Mission and Rector at Chaminade University.

To register for upcoming Marianist Leadership Center workshops, click the link.

To use the skills taught by the leadership center, those who receive the grant will be required to lead a workshop or do a presentation explaining how the Marianist Leadership Center helped them in their lives, opportunities, and experiences. This presentation can be major-specific or leadership-oriented. Major-specific presentations can be used if the grant is used for opportunities pertaining to the student’s major. They can reflect on what they learned and encourage others in their major to consider going through the Marianist Leadership Center to receive similar opportunities.

This semester the Marianist Leadership Center will be hosting four workshops throughout the semester. The first will be on Monday, Sept. 19, led by Dean Allison Jerome, called Own Your Own Strengths. During this event, students will answer questions based on leadership, such as how they perceive leadership, how to interact with leaders, and what they think a good leader is. Their answers will be analyzed through a program, and they will be presented with information on their strengths based on their responses.

The application for the grant will be available before the third workshop of the semester on Oct. 26.

The Marianist Leadership Center believes that through this program, students can tap into their skills and leadership potential to use after their college education.

“I’m hoping that the leadership center can help students to understand how important it is to keep developing your skills of interaction with people, thinking about how we work together to accomplish goals, and how working together can have a bigger impact in our community and the world,” Brother Ed said.