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Lei Po’o Workshop A Hit Amongst Students

Tyler Felipe
Students at the event took their time in making their own personalized lei po’o.

In an intimate gathering at Chaminade University, 15 individuals came together on Tuesday for a hands-on lei po’o workshop held at Zuberano Lawn that not only showcased the artistry of Maureen Nelly Mañosca but also created a positive atmosphere among participants. 

Mañosca, a third-year Interior Design major from Waianae, has gained recognition from her peers for her floral creations under the brand name “Maureen’s Creations.”

“It was a very good turnout, and I feel that everyone enjoyed it,” Mañosca said. “I’m glad they weren’t intimidated to come and try something new, I’m so happy that they came down and made their own creations.”

This wrist lei was one of many that came out of Tuesday’s workshop. (Tyler Felipe)

Mañosca’s journey in lei po’o making (a traditional hand-crafted floral crown) began in January when she launched her business, initially catering to Chaminade-based orders. Her unique designs gained popularity. Because of Mañosca’s knowledge and experience in lei po’o making, CSGA reached Maureen to lead the workshop.

The event, organized by the Office of Student Engagement, aimed to bring students closer through a shared experience of creativity and collaboration. The materials that were used were from Safeway and included a vibrant array of flowers. The colors of the flowers, which consisted of yellow, purple, white, and green were chosen by Mañosca to inspire creativity and positivity among the attendees. 

Many participants were eager and excited to create their own lei po’o. Mañosca demonstrated the intricate, time-consuming nature of her work step by step while each participant followed along making their own unique creations with the materials that were available. 

Maureen Mañosca and her friends made sure everything was ready to go before the event started. (Tyler Felipe)

At first, many of the participants started slowly, unsure of what to do. But as the event moved forward, the participants started to get the hang of it and were soon making progress. Besides asking Mañosca for help, the students turned to each other for advice and guidance. Easton Delacruz, who was one of the participants, had high praise for Mañosca and the event.

“I think the event was successful,” the second-year Integrated Marketing Communication major said. “It was nice to see students come over and learn how to make their own lei po’o, big ups to Maureen for making time to share her talent.”

While serving as a workshop for the students, the event also helped Mañosca’s business as well. Participants proudly displayed their personalized bouquets on social media. CSGA also used its Instagram stories to give Mañosca’s social media business (@maureens__creations) exposure.

As the floral workshop concluded, many of the participants were pleased with how their creations turned out. While it was meant for creating lei po’o, students made other items such as wrist leis. Looking back, Mañosca would make minor adjustments if she were to do it again. She would change the size of the flowers that was used, specifically smaller ones because they are easier to bind together.

When asked what she hoped the participants took away from the event, Mañosca said she wanted them to leave with a feeling of community and something to have fun with.

“I just want them to feel like they created something really good,” the third year EID major said. “It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s their lei po’o that they made and they should take pride in that and I hope that they do.”