Extravaganza Lights Up the Night


Courtesy of Conrad Timothy

All the graduating CUH seniors who performed at Extravaganza

This year’s Extravaganza displayed culture, dance, and gave strong island vibes. The night was rich with laugher, cheers, and an audience that was eager for more performances and the island representation that was so clear throughout the night.

Extravaganza showcased eight diverse groups of performers. Each group represented their culture in a different and unique way, from the song selection to traditional dances and new flavor, each performance offered something different to the night. Performing was the Micronesian, Filipino,Tongan, Korean, Hawaiian, Marianas, Indigo Lotus, and Samoan clubs.

“I would say practicing for Extravaganza put me more in touch with my culture … I feel really grateful and blessed,” said Vikatolia Tupou, who performed with the Tongan club.

Each club performed three to four different dances each. While each of the clubs’ first dances were very traditional, each added new flavor to each performance by dancing to current songs with traditional dances. One memorable example of this is when the Filipino Club danced the Tinikling, a dance using bamboo poles, to “Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon and “High Hopes” by Panic! at the Disco.

“Extravaganza is great because it adds a unique part to Chaminade… There is most definitely something for everyone … it is very diverse,”  said Freshman Isaac Amaral-Artharee.

Extravaganza began with local style food and drinks for the all attendees and performers. There was Teriyaki beef, baked chicken, salad, mixed veggies, rice, and red velvet cupcakes for dessert. The food was a segway into the night, and prayer led by Bro. Edward Brink.

During intermission, the audience was encouraged to come up and dance to songs like “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid, and “Wobble Baby” by V.I.C. Songs like that kept the audience entertained and engaged.

The night wrapped up with a Senior Lei ceremony, seniors that participated in the event and members of OSAL handed out the leis to each of them. Thank you’s were given to all that came out, performed, and helped with the event.

“[Extravaganza] is about community,” said Mitch Steffey, Director of OSAL

Extravaganza is an annual event put together in part by the students of Chaminade. For years it has brought together all students from different backgrounds and cultures together and it is something young and old, student or family can enjoy.

“Extravaganza went crazy. It was awesome, very fun and amazing seeing their culture and all the different dances and everything. This is an experience I will never forget,” said Telly Davenport, Chaminade junior.