Clubs Raise Money during the Halloween Bash


Jenny Paleracio

Kaohi Gomera dressed up as a lamb for Halloween and showed one of the treats for sale at the RHA booth.

On Oct. 30, OSAL threw the Blue Zones Halloween Bash to kick off Halloween early and raise money for clubs.

Lively music played through the speaker systems and students dressed in Halloween costumes occupied the Henry Hall courtyard.

Groups from campus like the Education Club, the Filipino Club, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), the Chaminade Student Government Association (CSGA) and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) came to the event, in hopes of raising money.

Dalton Alatan is the president of the Education Club and was present at the event to raise money for the club.

“Tonight we’re hoping to raise about a $100,” Alatan said. “We’re planning on using that money toward supplies because we want to make a care package for teachers and we plan on doing it with another partner school.”

Alatan joined the Education Club because of his passion toward education and the chance to revive the club.

Jenny Paleracio
The members of the Education Club.

“I was the one who revived the club so it kind of didn’t go through the spring semester of last year, so I was the one who initiated the club again because of my major and my passion for teaching,” Alatan said. “I wanted to share the passion and make sure that everyone was involved in the education process and keep them informed and give them cool socials, and things like that.”

The money raised on Monday night will be given toward the clubs for supplies, projects, and possible trips.

Andrew Ines, the treasurer of the Filipino Club, believes that any amount of money raised would be beneficial.

“We are kind of short on money but hopefully with this money we can plan for more events,” Ines said. “I think in the works, we possibly might have a short trip to the Philippines. Not sure about that, but it was mentioned.”

Ines mentions that he joined the Filipino Club to bring it back to life.

“I joined the Filipino Club because I like my Filipino culture and I want to just share it with everybody and the Chaminade community camp

Jenny Paleracio
Members of the Filipino Club.

us,” Ines said. “Especially since it died down when I first attended here, but I’m glad my friends and I brought it back only if for the time we’re here.”

Last year in the middle of January, two clubs combined to create a new Filipino club. The Kabayan Club merged together with the “Thank God I’m Filipino Club” (T.G.I.C.), because of their common interests in culture.

To raise money, clubs offered students various goodies and food items available for purchase. The Education Club provided beverages for $5 from Taste Tea and offered giant jenga for students to play with. RHA sold beverages for$1. The Filipino Club had bentos containing shanghai lumpia, rice, and pork guisantes as well as banana lumpia for dessert. SAAC offered home-made baked goods and CSGA sold tiny ice cream containers.

The Education Club was able to raise 10% ($10) of their goal at the Blue Zones Halloween Bash. The Filipino Club raised $315 and received a $20 donation from the bash.

The event was from 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. and was held in the Henry Hall courtyard.