A Christmas they will never forget


This years “Christmas off Campus” took place on the 2nd of December.

By Brad Angelo, Staff Writer

While Christmas is spent with their friends and family, it might not be easy for some people in need. That’s why the Chaminade Campus Ministry and other student volunteers help put on an event that brings a little of that Christmas magic to families that deserve it.

Christmas off Campus, held Friday, Dec. 2, is a yearly program that takes place at the Next Step Shelter in Kaka’ako. It’s essentially a Christmas party. Dinner is provided for everyone, gifts are given to the children and raffles are held for the adults. Many different games and activities are provided for the kids and there is even a visit from Santa Claus.

The idea came from Chaminade’s sister school, University of Dayton. They originally had a “Christmas on Campus,” and Chaminade decided to start this up as well. About 2 years ago, Campus Ministry decided to start bringing the Christmas to the kids, and moved it from on campus to the Next Step Shelter.

Chaminade’s Minister of Peace and Justice, Maimoa Fineisaloi, has been heavily involved in the “Christmas off Campus” program. She has been a member of Campus Ministry for since Fall 2007 and she loves it.

“Christmas off Campus gives our campus community the opportunity to share the joy and spirit of Christmas with our friends at NEXT Step. It gives our campus community the opportunity to put our faith and our mission into action,” said Fineisaloi. She would like to get more involvement from the Campus community not just for the event, for all year round.

When asked about who is leading this program she said that the students do. They want to provide students with as many opportunities for leadership in the Marianist tradition as possible and having a student run committee for “Christmas off Campus” is a way to ensure that.

One great example of student leadership is Chaminade student Dior-Ashton Teodosio. Teodosio has been volunteering for “Christmas off Campus” for 2 years now. When asked how she felt about the event she responded, “I’m excited for Christmas Off Campus! This is my favorite thing the end of the fall semester.”

She went on to say, “I’ve built relationships with the residents at the Next Step… We know the families, we know their stories… we know the little things most people wouldn’t, so having the opportunity to celebrate the Christmas season with them is wonderful.”

“Christmas off Campus” will continue to be held every fall semester by Chaminade’s Campus Ministry. Being able to bring joy and happiness to people in need is an amazing experience. If your interested in helping out and joining the NEXT Step program, contact Maimoa Fineisaloi or anyone in campus ministry.