Favorite Baseball Stadiums


A trip to Fenway Park in Boston this past summer.

Baseball has often been called America’s past-time. Other sports may have become more popular since baseball began, but the in-stadium experience at a professional baseball game cannot be matched. There is a feeling of joy that runs through a fan’s veins when experiencing the energy of a great baseball stadium. This list shares some of my favorite stadium experiences.
The Original Yankee Stadium,  1923-2008. Opened in 1923 “The House That Ruth Built,” served die-hard New York Yankees fans for 85 years up until its closing in 2008. From Bob Sheppard’s powerful voice announcing the players in pinstripes as they approached the plate to the fanatic energy displayed in the outfield by the “bleacher creatures,” this ball park’s raw energy was unmatched. To go along with the energy, whether it be Lou Gehrig’s famous farewell speech or George W Bush’s opening pitch to provide hope to New Yorkers after 9/11, this stadium’s energy and history makes it the best stadium of all time.
Fenway Park. Since 1912, 4 Yawkey Way has been home to the Boston Red Sox. Going to Fenway is like a right of passage for a true baseball fan. From the Green Monster that has been robbing home runs for years in left field to the manual score board, the experience is unique. Being at Fenway and walking around the classic brick  Irish Pubs that surround the stadium is like being twisted in a time machine and thrown back into 1920s America. Once inside the stadium and while admiring the beauty of the ball park. a hungry fan can eat a Fenway Frank and cool down with some ice-cold fresh squeezed lemonade.
Dodger Stadium. Whether a fan wants to use a social media hashtag to see their face on the large outfield screen or wants to take a look at the 1955 World Series pennant, Dodger Stadium is perfectly geared toward both the old school and modern day baseball fan. If lucky enough to catch a 7:05 game, you can see the sun sets directly over downtown Los Angeles  On top of that, make sure to come with an empty stomach because the ballpark offers a bevy of delicious food options including the famous Dodger Dog and a variety of fresh Mexican food.
Coors Field. The upper deck seats at Coors Field are purple to mark the elevation of one mile above sea level. Because of this high elevation, Coors Field has a reputation as a hitter-friendly park. From 2012 to 2015 the Rockies led the league in runs scored per home game while being last in the league for runs scored while on the road. In addition to baseball, the ballpark boasts the Blue Moon Brewery at The Sandlot, which is an award -inning microbrewery and restaurant situated behind the Right Field Stands. The other interesting feature to this ballpark is the landscaping of center field that is designed to reflect the nearby Rocky Mountains!
Next time I head to the mainland, my first stop will be in Chicago to catch a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. It has been my dream to visit my entire life, and I hope to add this ballpark to my list. What are your favorite ballparks or sports stadiums to experience a game?