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5 Ways to Improve the Silversword School Spirit

Jersey Mahiai
The Chaminade cheering section on Maui Monday against Kansas, the reigning national champion and No. 1 team in the nation.

My high school of 200 people had more school spirit than Chaminade does.

Since arriving on campus in August 2021, I’ve noticed that most Chaminade sporting events have few fans, which completely goes against most college experiences. Against Hawaii Pacific University on Jan. 18, there were more HPU fans than Chaminade fans at the men’s basketball game. They out-numbered us, they out-cheered us, and yet we won on the court.

People have various different reasons as to why they miss the sporting events. And I understand having separate life from Chaminade University. However, just a few changes from Chaminade could lead to a better campus atmosphere and more school spirit here. 

Shuttles to Away Games
Many of our students who live on campus rely on transportation (moped or bus) that would make it impossible to get to many of the so-called “home” games that are played in Waipahu (soccer and baseball) or Sand Island (softball). For example, with our new baseball team, there are many people who would love to go and support our boys. However, our home games are 17 miles away in Waipahu, which could be 22 minutes or 50 minutes, depending on traffic, with a car. We have campus vans that can be used for this very purpose, and they sit around for the majority of the time doing nothing. You would only be able to take 12 people per van, but at least there would be some fans at these games.  

Cheerleading Squad/Dance Team
Having a cheerleading squad or dance team is a great way to get the crowd going and pump up the energy. I was a cheerleader/dancer in high school, and it was such a key part to the games. Our student section would cheer with us, and we would engage with them to cheer on our athletes. You could have a halftime performance run by the dance team for any sport. You would have cheerleaders on the sidelines for men and women’s basketball games. Both the cheer squad and dance team could then collaborate and help plan pep rallies. 

Pep Rallies
Pep rallies are quite rare at Chaminade University, but when they have happened it has a slim turnout. It is mainly just the specific sport team the pep rally is dedicated to, as well as, a few students on the side. Having a cheer squad/dance team there would pump up the energy. If properly planned at a time when most people are available and still on campus, then you will have a bigger turnout, which means more energy. You can hand out swag to the students who come to the pep rally, or hand out other items that would catch their interest.

Creating a School Spirit Club
Out of all the various and interesting clubs we have at Chaminade, we lack a club dedicated to school spirit. It could be a requirement that as part of the club you have to attend a certain amount of athletic events. This club could create themes for the student section like many high schools had. They can be in charge of having a raffle or providing incentives for the students to attend the event. 

Free Food
Something that every college student loves is the opportunity to get a free meal. Providing free hot dogs for students at the games would help bring in many more fans. There was a basketball game that had free hot dogs available, and sure enough, Chaminade had a bigger turnout. (There will be free ice cream at halftime of the men’s and women’s games against Azusa Pacific on Thursday, but no one has advertised it much.) For most events that we have on campus normally prioritize having food available to the students. When you publicize that their will be free food, the students will come racing down to the event. 

These are just a few simple ideas to make that Chaminade pride stronger and more alive.