Hogan Program Provides Opportunities For CUH Students


Photo courtesy Alexa Shah

Hogan Program Senior Alexa Shah playing football in China.

By Dan Mangum, Staff Writer

For the past 15 years the Hogan Entrepreneur program has been providing Chaminade students with the skillsets needed to succeed in the changing world. This April, the 15th class will be graduating as the 16th group of students is inducted. Although the program accepts applicants all year, the heavy recruiting period runs from February up until March 31.

According to Chaminade’s website, the program’s mission is to “promote the entrepreneurial spirit through the creation and operation of education, civic-minded and humanitarian programs designed to encourage a more productive and contributory society.” This is achieved through challenging academic coursework, carefully chosen mentorships and internships with seasoned business leaders, attendance at weekly lectures, and study trips to China and India as well as community outreach.

First-year students in the program, like Jackie McGreal who joined the program to learn about entrepreneurship, are tested in Entrepreneurship 301. Adjunct Chaminade professor and leadership coach Denny McDonough is in charge of this class. Through the semester, students are taught strategies and skills that help better their communication and networking skills.

“Professor McDonough’s class made me a much better public speaker and taught me how to interact in a business setting,” McGreal said.

Equally as important to the course work that the students go through is the opportunities to travel and learn about new cultures. Each year the program offers summer trips to China and India to teach students about the different cultures. Dr. John Webster, who leads the Hogan Program, encourages students to travel as much as possible.  Dr. Caryn Callahan, Dr. Peggy Friedmen, and Ginger Miller share the same message with the students.

“You really haven’t lived until you’ve left your comfort zone,” said Alexa Shah, a senior Business major at Chaminade who went on the China trip last year. “Dr. Webster, Dr. Callahan, Dr. Friedman, and Ginger Miller have inspired me so much to travel that I have gone to Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, and have now booked flights to Australia and Pakistan to learn about their cultures.”

While in China, Shah worked for a sports program building the bridge between the two cultures through the mutual love for sports.

Senior Business major Judy Ng – who traveled with the Hogan program across India making stops in Bangalore, Mysore, New Delhi, and Agra – especially enjoyed the Taj Mahal.

“India has given me an appreciation for all the things we take easily for granted here at home,” she said. “Everything is so drastically different you can’t walk away without your life being changed.”

In addition to the work and lessons taught abroad, the program takes great pride in helping the local communities of Honolulu. Last semester, Hogan students worked with professors and mentors to help homeless veterans gain a better understanding of the job hiring process and to prepare for the challenges of their job searches. Students worked on building resumes and conducting job interviews.

“The program has been such a source of encouragement for me,” Ng said. “Not only did I learn to do public speaking, it forced me to work outside of my comfort zone.”

How do people apply? Students interested in joining the Hogan program can stop by the Business school office located in Kiefer Hall.