The Lowdown on the Video-Game Showdown


The Video-Game Showdown flyer can be found all around campus

By Mitchell Fasolo, Staff Writer

After a long hiatus, Chaminade’s Communication Club is back in action. Over the several years of inactivity, the club has gained 117 members through email, but had failed to get the ball rolling until this semester.

On Feb. 20 the club organized its Club Kickoff to gather its members together. The day consisted of community service at the OSPCA Animal Shelter followed by a barbecue at Kaimana Beach Park. Following its successful kickoff, the Communication Club is hosting its first ever Video-Game Showdown to celebrate the club’s resurrection.

The event will take place on Friday at 6 p.m. in the Clarence T.C. Ching Conference Center located in Eiben Hall. It is a free event and those who attend will receive pizza, hot dogs, ice cream and more delicious grinds. The Communication Club welcomes all of the Chaminade community and friends to attend. Through hosting events that cater to the interests of students, the club hopes to gain more awareness and a greater following on campus.

“The goal for the Video-Game Showdown is to send out a message that the Communication Club is legitimate, and that we plan fun things,” said Shyanne Rippole, a Communication Club member involved in the showdown. “We hope that the showdown brings more people to our future events.”

The competition will include three different games: “Super Smash Bros,” “NBA 2K,” and “Call of Duty.” However, the exact specifications of what games will be played will not be determined until the day of the showdown. Participants are encouraged to bring in their own games and the group will collectively come to a decision. After the competition, attendees are welcome to play their own games if their preferred games were not part of the competition. For those who are not avid video-gamers, a variety of boardgames will be offered to help entertain all attendees.

The structure of the competition depends solely on how many gamers sign up to play.  The club expects to have at least three rounds for each video game selected. Winners will get more than prideful bragging rights.The prizes given out will be gift cards for local restaurants, stores such as Gamestop and Apple, and even Visa gift cards. Higher valued gift cards will be given to the first-place winners while the lower valued gift cards will be given to a number of finalists.

There isn’t a strict end time for the showdown to add to the casual, student-ran vibe. The club has the conference center until 9:30 p.m., but it expects the competition to be finished before 9 p.m. This leaves time for additional socializing and of course, free video-game play.

“All of the club members are so excited to finally have the Communication Club back, and we will not take this opportunity for granted,” said Chantelle Aguilar, the Communication Club’s co-president. “The Video-Game Showdown is only the start to the great things we have planned for the future.”

The Communication Club hopes to see around 50 attendees at tomorrow’s showdown, and even more at the future events it has planned. An open-mic night with a spaghetti dinner is already an upcoming event in the works. The club’s overall goal is to bring the Chaminade community together through fun, unique events.

To sign up to compete in tomorrow’s Video-Game Showdown you can click the shared link on the Chaminade Communication Club’s Facebook account or simply email the club at [email protected].