Big Bang Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary With 1st Concert in Hawaii


Aj Camerino

Big Bang ends the MADE [V.I.P.] Tour in Hawaii.

On Saturday, October 22, Big Bang leaves their fans in awe with the last show of the Made [V.I.P.] Tour at the Neil Blaisdell Arena. Big Bang is a Korean pop group made up of T.O.P., G-Dragon, Taeyang, Seungri, and Daesung. Big Bang has become one of the biggest K-pop groups known internationally under the management of YG Entertainment.

This was a tremendously life-changing event for many K-pop loving fans in Hawaii. It was a meaningful concert for the Big Bang members because not only were they performing for their fans, but they had their parents watching in the audience too. This year marked the group’s 10-year anniversary from its debut in 2006 and the first time in Big Bang history to perform in Hawaii. It is the first Korean group to sell out the Neil Blaisdell Arena in addition to its sold-out world tour. Due to conflicting schedules, it was announced that T.O.P. was to be absent from part of the world tour. Three days before the concert, it was revealed that T.O.P. was coming to Hawaii.

Big Bang's first performance in Hawaii
Rachel Kamita
Big Bang’s first performance in Hawaii

The Made [V.I.P.] Tour was designed to be an audience interactive concert where they play games with the audience in addition to the concert. From the moment Big Bang announced it was having a one-night concert in Hawaii, all of the fan accounts on all platforms of social media were talking about it. Groups of people started coming as early as 3:30 p.m. to stand in line and buy concert merchandise and listen to the group rehearse. The concert started at 7:30 p.m.

During the interactive part of the concert, the Big Bang members chose five people from the audience to be their partners for one of the three games, musical chairs, limbo, and couples jump rope. (Couples jump rope was where all the seats in the arena were put in a box and Big Bang members picked partners by what seats the fans were sitting on.) Each game had points awarded to the Big Bang members and in the end of all the games, the chosen fans won a signed Big Bang stuffed animal and a polaroid picture with their Big Bang partner. The game portion of the concert was able to show the different personalities of each Big Bang member, revealing the audience that they are just like us and more than K-pop idols.

Big Bang kicks off their show with each member greeting the audience.
Kalei Strong
Big Bang kicks off their show with each member greeting the audience.

No time was wasted going into the performance portion. The concert was an euphoric experience that left the fans with Big Bang withdrawals after leaving the arena. Due to it being a mini concert, they sang six of the eight songs from their MADE album with two of their most famous songs (Fantastic Baby and Bad Boy) and one of their most famous songs as individual artists. From the moment the music began, the crowd knew every single word and sang along. The arena lit up with their Big Bang flower lights swaying back-and-forth to the beat of each song. It was amazing to hear the entire arena sing each song and dance in their seats.

Seungri, Daesung, T.O.P., G-Dragon, and Taeyang are amazing entertainers that incorporated the entire stage to serenade their fans. Not only are they phenomenal singers, they also execute insinc dances just like their music videos. In between songs, they would talk to the audience and give a hint to what the next song was going to be, this leaving the crowd screaming in excitement. Many of the songs sounded like their albums but better. Each singer put their little twists into the songs. Which made it an unforgettable concert for everyone. They ended the concert with three encore songs and thanked their fans for coming and hoped to return soon. Before leaving they told the audience that there would be a new album releasing soon so be on the lookout for it.

Hawaii’s time with all five of the Big Bang members was short lived, but hopefully they will return soon. T.O.P. and Taeyang left on Sunday Oct. 24 back to Seoul, while Daesung, G-Dragon, and Seungri remain here relaxing in the Hawaiian sun until Oct. 27.