Alessia Cara’s album release date is one to look out for


By Sierra Mendiola, Staff Writer

There is a new breed of vocalist seizing hold of the world’s airwaves with her powerful, soulful voice. 19-year-old, Alessia Cara, from Brampton, Canada, signed with Def Jam Recordings early in 2015 after starting her career singing acoustic covers on YouTube.

The Canadian-Italian singer put out an EP called “Four Pink Walls” in April that included her debut single “Here,” and her second single “Wild Things.” The songs, along with others, will be on her debut album “Know-It-All” that will be released on Nov. 13.

The album consists of 13 songs; two singles were recently released. Unlike your common album made up of heartbreaks, love songs, and drugs, Cara’s album focuses more on people’s thoughts that go unsaid during relatable situations.

The opening track on the album is a song called “Seventeen.” The song contrasts her younger self ignoring her parents’ advice and wishing she could be older. But now, at 19, she wishes she could go back two years and listen to the advice.

Cara’s first single called “Here” that was released in advance of her 2015 EP garnered more than 500,000 streams in its first week and hit number one on Spotify. It is about being at a party you don’t really want to be at, but you go so you don’t seem anti-social and because your friends are there.

“’Here’ is a song for all the anti-social, awkward, and miserable partygoers of the world,” Cara told The Fader, an online music magazine.

With a singing style that has been referred to as “smooth blue-eyed soul” with a silky voice, Cara’s voice is often compared to recording artists like Lauryn Hill and Corinne Bailey Rae.

The song “Outlaw” is a catchy song with a rhythm that makes you want to sway side to side. It talks about running away with someone you’re not supposed to be with just to have more time with him. No matter what they will have to face, nothing will stand in way. “Together, we’ll be outlaws,” Cara sings.

The fourth song on the album titled “I’m Yours.” This upbeat pop sounding song will have you attempting to belt it out in the car while you sing along. The song is about Cara resisting the motions of falling in love when you least expect it because of past experiences. Available to listen to on YouTube, the music video for this song is filmed with Cara holding a camera facing her and running down a road away from a boy that is chasing her with flowers.

The album’s diverse variety of songs then switches topics during the fifth song on the album, “Four Pink Walls.” A little hip-hop mixed with pop and a smidge of rap, Cara shares how she would sit in her room and dream about her future but later coming out of the shell of her old bedroom and achieving her goals of becoming a professional artist.

“Wild Things,” my personal favorite, talks about not fitting in. It’s a song about self-acceptance and embracing uniqueness. Cara says it is the anthem for outsiders.

Some songs are available for streaming on YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora, while the remainder of the album will not be released until Nov. 13.

“I decided to call the album ‘Know-It-All’ because each song is so opinionated and touches upon a strong feeling,” Cara said in her album title announcement tweet. “While listening to the album, the listener might be under the impression that I have things figured out and that I know it all, but the reality is that I have no idea.”