Oahu Mexican Grill focuses on quality ingredients


Alexis Bennett

Oahu Mexican Grill serves fresh, quality, and homemade food.

By Alexis Bennett, Staff Writer

When asking people what food they miss most from the mainland, it mostly centers around one thing: authentic Mexican food. Oahu Mexican Grill, or OMG for short is made to order Mexican restaurant similar to Chipotle. This all-natural grill is located on the corner of King Street and University Avenue and is dedicated to serving the “freshest Mexican food on the island”.

OMG serves Mexican favorites including large burritos, bowls, tacos, salads, and nachos with an array of meats, beans, and salsas that are made fresh daily. A unique touch is the roasted veggies that are offered (for an additional cost) that is a mixture of carrots, red bell peppers, yellow squash and zucchini, offering a healthier alternative.

Oahu Mexican Grill has many combinations including two types of rice: traditional Spanish and cilantro lime. Also, it features several combinations of salsa ranging from very mild pico to diablo salsa (which is very spicy), ideal for anyone’s appetite. I would recommend the fresh corn salsa, the mild pico de gallo, and the homemade guacamole. Mexican food can sometimes be heavy and overwhelming, but OMG’s ingredients are refreshing for hot, humid days.

“The only downfall is they don’t have limes, but the steak was seasoned well and you can taste the freshness,” said Mari Alvarez, a junior at Chaminade.

However, fresh and quality usually come at a price, and that is no different for OMG. The meats that are boasted to be free of steroids, hormones, and antibiotics, might do damage to some college students’ bank accounts. For two meals and two drinks, it was about $27, but the portion sizes are large and will leave most people satisfied.

The dining area has several high high-top tables, along with an L-shaped bench, which is great when several friends go to lunch together. Warm colors surround the restaurant and give a cozy, inviting feel, while also being clean and new.

The staff members are friendly and happily greeted my friend and I right when we walked through the door. OMG employees were helpful when explaining how they operate and walked us through every step.

Parking can also be a tad tricky, but parking is available in the University Square parking lot and the first 10 minutes are free. Oahu Mexican Grill will validate up to one hour if customers need more time.

Fresh and local products are hard to find, but authentic Mexican food is nearly impossible to find on the islands. Oahu Mexican Grill is not the best source for authentic Mexican food, but when craving a good burrito, fresh salsas, and savory rice, it’s a good place to stop on your way home from class, work or in between studying.