New Juice bar in Kaka’ako – Juicd Life


Sheehan Chase

Juicd Life offers an array of delicious juices to choose from.

By Sheehan Chase, Staff Writer

Juicd Life is a new juice bar located in the SALT complex in Kaka’ako. Despite the delicious juices, friendly staff, and clean environment, it’s just too expensive. For that reason and that reason alone I would not go back to Juicd Life unless they reduced their prices. However, if the prices were a bit lower then I would gladly become a regular patron.

Although a bit tucked away on the second floor parking is plentiful as they validate for the adjacent parking lot. Juicd Life specializes in fresh pressed juices but also offers a “made to order” option for their juices, salads, and bowls. This unique customize option gives the customers the ability to be quite creative when making his or her selection.

Juicd Life juices are raw, unpasteurized and packed with live enzymes. By using a hydraulic press to cold-press its juices, this provides a nutrient-rich product that is loaded with vitamins and minerals. After being offered several samples of the cold-pressed juices I decided on Strengthen, which included almond milk, local dates, vanilla bean, and protein. Finishing second in my taste rankings was Purify, which included apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, kale, romaine, and spinach. And in third place comes Recover, which includes kale, lime, orange, romaine, and spinach. Each juice has its own unique flavor and is intended for a range of different results. Some are made for increasing focus, others are specifically meant to hydrate, and others are made just for detox.

Although not known for acai, my personal favorite was the custom bowls, $8.50 for unlimited toppings. Start by picking which type of acai, then add fruits like bananas, blueberries, dates, or pineapple, and finally choose from a list of awesome toppers like bee pollen, flax seeds, or agave. As far as acai bowls go on Oahu, Diamond Head Health being the best, the bowls at Juicd Life just do not compare.

There is also an option to customize a personal juice. Choose from a list of veggies, add any fruits to sweeten it up, and top it off with seeds or nuts. Also when creating a salad, choose a green base, add any substance like quinoa or cranberries, and top it off with walnuts or sunflower seeds. The array of options for juices, salads, and bowls allow the customer to pick everything they like and leave out anything they do not.

Juicd Life also promotes its own juice cleanses, which are available in a one-day, three-day, or five-day package.  Cleanses detoxify the body by flooding it with nutrients, help you stay focused and clear headed by rehydrating, and promote good sleep by increasing circulation. The list of physical benefits from juicing are endless and can help you live a long healthy life.

Despite the high cost and awkward location I still enjoyed my experience. However, overall I did not find anything that was exceptional at Juicd Life. With such a saturated juice market here on the island there are plenty of better, cheaper options to choose from.