Top 10: Annoying trends of 2015

Mike Tysons failed hoverboard ride was a typical trend at the end of 2015.

Mike Tyson's Instagram

Mike Tyson’s failed hoverboard ride was a typical trend at the end of 2015.

By Mitchell Fasolo, Staff Writer

Another booming year has come and gone, and now’s the time to reminisce on the annoying trends that plagued our timelines during the year of 2015. From bizarre fashion trends to superfluous technological advancements, here’s a recap on the top 10 most annoying trends of 2015.

  1. The infamous hand-holding picture is the least candid photo of all time. These photos tend to be taken by men, while their girlfriends hold their hand and lead the way toward a beautiful shot. Imagine how annoyed the boyfriends are when their palms are sweating and they’re starving, but their girlfriend still isn’t happy with the “shoot.” Hopefully these tacky photos don’t carry on into the new year.
  1. In 2015 something emerged called a top knot, which for anyone who doesn’t know; is a pathetic excuse for a man bun. This is when someone with medium-length hair forcefully ties a man bun in hopes to pull it off, but instead end up resembling Alfalfa from “The Little Rascals.” Men with real man buns deserve respect! They’ve earned it through years of growing their hair out. A group of friends filmed themselves while they went around cutting top knots off and the video went viral. This just goes to show how annoying the trend was.
  1. The “Don’t Judge Challenge” was a trending challenge on social media where people would upload videos of an “ugly” version of themselves using makeup, then hold their hands up to the camera only to reveal their true “beautiful” selves. This challenge was meant to teach people not to judge a book by its cover, but it backlashed into people poking fun at certain attributes like freckles and unibrows. It quickly became a vanity fair where drama queens cried for attention over the Internet.
  1. The color of “The Dress” was way too big of a deal. Whether you thought the dress was #whiteandgold or #blackandblue, hopefully you felt it didn’t deserve to be on the news. Sure, the differences in color perception are interesting for three minutes, but the fact that it was featured on the news was baffling. There are more important things going on in the world than the color of a dress.
  1. Resolutions and challenges are set at the beginning of every year by almost every individual, but 2015 was a year where every goal seemed to be met, all it took to achieve it was a picture with #GOALS written directly below it. I could take a picture with my friend at the beach and all my goals for the calendar year would have been achieved. Go me!
  1. The Whip and Nae Nae dance was cringe worthy, and let’s pray it’s just as short lived as Soulja Boy’s “Superman.” Hillary Clinton has involved herself in numerous controversies over the years, but none quite as awkward as her Nae Nae on “Ellen.” Please help this trend stop, it’s gone too far.
  1. Who doesn’t love watching a 700-second Snapchat video of something that you could Google? And to make matters worse, who doesn’t love watch a 700-second Snapchat story of someone puking a rainbow. The Snapchat filters were all good and fun for five minutes but grew tiresome quickly. This is another trend that hopefully fizzles out before the year’s end.
  1. It’s hard to believe that the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” is even a thing. Who would want to place their lips into the shot glass to plump their lips? It looks like plastic surgery gone bad. It’s bad enough people care about the Kardashian’s and the Jenner’s every move. You don’t need to look like them too.
  1. It’s always comical watching a random, awkward person become famous overnight. Internet sensation Welven Harris, or the “Deez Nuts” guy, may be the only person I can tolerate saying the phrase. All the other posers need to stop. When the video went viral, I couldn’t have a conversation without someone answering a question with “Deez Nuts!”
  1. As entertaining as it is watching Mike Tyson and many others fall off their hoverboards, it’s beginning to get a little extreme. Kids are playing basketball on the hoverboards their parents bought them. Welcome to the future. To make matters worse many hoverboard models are catching fire during use. Here’s a thought, walk!