CSPB Board Members Excited to Host Halloween Bash


Ronni Gallegos

Under the Sullivan Family Library tent, there was a photo booth adorned with purple, white, and orange balloons along with a ring light for participants to take pictures with their friends.

On Friday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Halloween themed songs like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and China Anne McClain’s “Calling All The Monsters” were blasted from the Sullivan Family Library Lawn as Chaminade’s Student Programming Board (CSPB) welcomed students, faculty, and staff to the Halloween Bash. 

John Paul Pacura and Cailey Filipo, outreach assistant and head of marketing on CSPB, were in charge of organizing the bash. 

“Chaminade didn’t have any [Halloween] events last year, so we’re really excited to host this for the students, especially the residents ‘cause we’ve gotten word that a lot of them do not get off campus and they’re kind of like bored stuck in the dorms,” Filipo, third-year Biochemistry major, said. “So it’s nice to just hold an event for students and like just something that’s like safe for them as well.” 

Pacura, first-year Business Administration major, said there were around 60 participants at the bash. Tables with goodies, such as glow sticks and candy, were decked out in Halloween decorations to pay homage to the holiday. CSPB members and students were dressed in various Halloween costumes from grandmas, to animals, to movie characters. It was first-year Nursing major Jake Leach’s first time DJing an event at CUH and said he enjoyed creating fun energy and seeing everyone being brought together. 

There were multiple activities for people to engage in. There was glow in the dark zumba, led by the director of the Office of Student Activities and Leadership (OSAL) Joseph Granado, on the library lawn along with mini-games such as the Red Light Green Light game inspired by the popular show “Squid Games” on Netflix. Shota Shigeta, third-year Environmental Studies major, said that this was the biggest gathering he has seen at the university since the school year started.  

Under the library tent, there was a photo booth adorned with purple, white, and orange balloons along with a ring light for participants to take pictures with their friends. There was also a pumpkin painting section for students to sit back and enjoy decorating pumpkins. CSPB served Domino’s pizza, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, and single packaged chips. Dawn Richards, second-year Forensics major, said she wanted to come to the bash because she’s a new transfer student from California Baptist University, so she wanted to use this opportunity to meet more people. 

Overall, I thought that the event was actually really successful considering how much fun people were having,” Pacura said. “The social interaction between meeting new people was also nice too because it was my personal goal to make sure that students are meeting new people that they have never talked too before.”

CSPB is a branch of CUH’s Student Government Association (CSGA) that hosts different events and workshops for students on campus. 

“What our board is and the goal is basically to build that community and make everybody feel included. Feeling like you belong is like our biggest thing,” Filipo said. 

CSPB plans to have two more events for students in November, which will be a movie night at Consolidated Theatres Ward and a karaoke and dance party night. Dates have yet to be set, but check back with CSPB on their Instagram page for updates https://www.instagram.com/chaminade_cspb/.