Quaran-things To Do


It’s not every day that we are assigned the task of flattening the curve and saving the world. Staying home and sitting on the couch was the last idea that came into mind when I envisioned myself answering such an extreme call to justice, but regardless of that, it is the least we can do considering we do that on most days anyway.

Sometimes it is not about what you do, but what you failed to do, which is what makes this quarantine so important. Sitting around at home all day can get boring and it may test your limits and patience, but it’s what we must do to reduce future risks. For the sake of everyone abiding the rules of quarantine, I have created a list of activities to keep you occupied during these trying times. Here are some ways to occupy yourself before dying from boredom. 


After many gyms announced their temporary closure, meatheads from all around began to question where their next pump might come from; but fear not, weight lifting is also an activity that can be done at home. The key to working out at home is creativity. Not many people can afford the luxury of having their own gym equipment at home, so it is necessary to get creative in order to get that next pump on. A great homemade free weight can be accomplished by using containers full of water. Whether it is a milk jug or an orange Home Depot bucket, it will get the job done. Body weight workouts such as push-ups, lunges, and squats are also a great choice because they are free and can be practiced everywhere. 


Gardening is an activity that is liked by many. However, many people lack the adequate time or space to invest in such a laborious hobby. Some plants will take less time to care for, succulents are a great choice for someone who would like to get into planting but may be short of time. Another great plant idea to try is starting a plant wall, which can be made using a wooden pallet. Once completed it can provide the kitchen with some fresh herbs and spices for cooking. Basil, chives, oregano, mint, and parsley are all popular herbs used for cooking that can be grown indoors. 

Arts and crafts

Similar to most other hobbies, arts and crafts take both time and dedication. Arts and crafts provide a good segue into many other hobbies as well. For example, let’s say my main hobby is skateboarding. If I wanted to get creative, I could design and paint a blank skateboard deck. Dislike skateboarding? No problem, you can use the same concept with a plethora of other hobbies. Gardening pots looking boring? Paint them. Wardrobe looking boring? Tie-dye an old shirt. There are an abundant amount of ideas for arts and crafts, if you dream it, you can make it. 


Cleaning! An activity despised by most children – grows more satisfying with age. When work temporarily closes and school classes go online, cleaning is rarely my first activity to partake in. Cleaning your room may be tedious and boring, however, desperate times call for desperate measures. Organizing your room and giving it a different vibe or appearance can be a lot of fun. It is always a good time to vacuum your room, wash those bed sheets, and maybe even go through your closet to donate old clothes.

Start a business

Now is a great time to start a business because many stores have temporarily closed, so business has resorted to online measures. Not only that, but there are a plethora of services people will pay for. You can start a neighborhood lawn-mowing service, run groceries for your neighbors, start a surfboard repair business from your garage, or even sell custom painted pots. 

Whether you want to build muscle, create art, or make money, it can all be done within the safety of our homes. It is important that we follow these precautions to flatten the curve and decelerate the spread of this virus. If you want to be a superhero, all you have to do is stay home.