CSGA president calls for student voices after Monday’s Town Hall Meeting


Kris Adams

Vi & Paul Loo Center, where the Town Hall Meeting takes place

By Kris Adams, Staff Writer

Chaminade Student Government Association hosted Nov. 14 the semester’s first Town Hall Meeting where students had a chance to meet this year’s executive board.

CSGA President Anthony Lamorena opened up the meeting inviting students to lunch and introduced the board’s members with what they do and their positions.

However, the main issue brought up at the meeting called for student voices to respond as the CUH administration is planning to increase tuition with more than 5 percent. With tuition expenses as high as $14,275 per semester at Chaminade, increases could result in a $1600 raise over a full academic year.

“This is a big issue that is going to impact everyone … and we want to make sure that students have their voices heard,” Lamorena said during the meeting. “And we want to make sure of any concerns that you may have.”

CUH students can reach out to CSGA in its office located outside the Vi & Paul Loo Center.

Referring to Hawaii Pacific University, which also has increased tuition fees over the past few years and the enrollment has been increasing, Chaminade University hoped to be more appealing for students as tuition may be lower.

However, with slow growth, from a business perspective, and tuition fees increasing 5 percent a year nationwide (on average), according to collegecalc.org, it would make sense to raise tuition fees. But Lamorena wishes a more in-depth explanation from administration.

“I think it’s crazy,” said Pono Riddle, 21, a junior at Chaminade. “… We don’t really have the numbers to [afford] the increase.”

Lamorena does not wish to take a stance point on the matter until admissions breaks down the reasoning better. However, he encourages students to share their stories of why tuition fees should remain the same.

“I want to see what the concerns are of the students,” Lamorena said, “… and see the reason for the potential increase and then take those concerns to the president of the university and see what we can work on.”

Although the first town hall of the year comes late, CSGA has, through Chaminade Student Programming Board, put on multiple events throughout the semester such as Chamival, the Commuter breakfast and trick-or-treat event, which took place along with The Filipino Club’s Halo-Halo Halloween event.

Some future events that CSPG is putting forward for the remaining semester involve the Christmas lighting and getting in suggestions for programs from the student body.

Executive Vice President Kierstyn Oshita announced also that this year’s Senate has 10 members, making it the largest Senate in six years for the university.

A new addition to the Senate committees this year is the new Academic Integrity Committee, which will deal with matters such as cheating on tests or on class assignments.

As of now, the university has no formal policies to deal with it, other than what professors have on their syllabuses, and the Senate wishes to address students and create formalities for the issue.

With the fall semester wrapping up, CSGA and CSPB are reaching out to students to hear their voices and see what they can do for the student body. Whether it is a program you wish to see happen, concerns regarding tuition or other matters, the executive board members welcomes you to visit the CSGA office located outside of the Vi & Paul Loo Center facing Henry Hall to come and speak.  

CSGA has yet to schedule the next Town Hall Meeting.