Have we raised a generation of sociopaths?


“Well their parents must be proud. No morals. No conscious. We have raised a generation of sociopaths,” said an anonymous commenter on an article about yet another teenager, Audrey Pott, who has killed herself. Pott follows a string of girls who have committed suicide, after not only being raped, but being cyberbullied by her rapists and peers, after photos were published online after the attack.

Is it true though? Is society truly doomed by this generation? To commit a crime, such as rape is a horrible thing. But what has to be wrong with a person that they are then willing to brag about the crime afterwards? Our generation is full of young, impressionable adolescents who have twitter accounts where they can personally talk to celebrities and feel special. We look up to celebrities who are famous for sex tapes and athletes who cheat on their spouses. Our generation assumes that because they can tell anyone and everyone about their lives, that people actually care.

And as everyone knows, with social media sites comes bullying. But unlike bullying in previous generations, this bullying doesn’t stop once kids leave school. Phoebe Prince, was 15- year old freshman in high school, when she hung herself, after being relentlessly bullied. The bullying didn’t even stop after Phoebe killed herself. A bully even wrote “accomplished” on Phoebe’s facebook memorial page. Phoebe’s bullies are now being charged with  felonies ranging from criminal harassment to stalking. Flannery Mullins was one of Phoebe’s bullies, who posted “I hate irish whores” on facebook (referencing Phoebe being from Ireland), but insisted in court that she, “feels bad, but did nothing wrong.”

Similar occurrences happened with Audrey Pott and another girl who was raped and then committed suicide, Rehtaeh Parsons. Both girls were gang raped by boys they knew at parties. People knew what was happening and did nothing. After the rapes, both girls were then bullied by classmates and supposed friends and called “slut” and “whore”, when they tried to report the crime to police. Both times the police did nothing and both girls subsequently hung themselves. A similar crime happened in Steubenville, Ohio when a 15-year old girl was sexually assaulted and then called a “whore” by students when she reported it. The police also did absolutely nothing, until the online-activist group Anonymous stepped in. Pictures were posted on facebook and twitter of the girl being carried around by her attackers like an animal. A video was posted by Michael Nodianos, laughing as he described how the girl “got so raped”. He also laughed when he made a reference to how the girl was urinated on by her attackers and you can hear other people laughing in the background as he told the story.

So, are we a generation of sociopaths? Are there any young people out there who are willing to stick up for others in their generation that they don’t know? Yes, there are good people out there. A Facebook status made by The Ohio State University (where Michael Nodianos attended college) recently received 5,984 likes. A normal status on their page usually receives no more than 500 likes. All the status said was, “Michael Nodianos is no longer a student at The Ohio State University.” Comments on the statues included, “good job OSU” and “about damn time” and not one of the hundred that I read blamed the victim, like so many previously had. In the suicides of the other girls, arrests have already been made and Anonymous has promised to avenge the girls. So are we a generation of no morals? No. Just like for every person injured in the Boston Bombing, there were thousands of uninjured people helping those who they didn’t even know. Yes, there are bad apples, but for every bad apple, there are thousands that aren’t. As Mahatma Ghandi said, “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”