Last-Minute Easy Halloween Costumes


Jackie Martinez

Two spooky Chaminade students try out the sheet ghost costume.

Halloween is on Sunday. Every year I put Halloween off till the last minute and am left stressed and wondering what I am going to be. Sound familiar? Look no further. Here are 12 easy ideas you can make from common home items or pull from your closet.

Baby from “Dirty Dancing”
Fans of “Dirty Dancing” will recognize the “I carried a watermelon” moment, which is easy to recreate if you want to dress up as Baby. The Baby look can be achieved by wearing cuffed jean shorts, a dark salmon tank top and carrying a watermelon if you are super committed.

Queen of hearts
Glue a deck of cards together to form a collar and pair it with your go to red dress. Spice up the costume by adding some red lipstick in the shape of a heart on your lips.

This costume is so easy and very recognizable. All you need is a black-and-white striped shirt coupled with black pants. Use white face paint and add in some big eyebrows to make this look come alive.

Smarty Pants
While you are already a smarty pants, elevate the look by stealing some Smarties  from the Halloween bowl. To achieve this costume, tape the smarties to some jeans and accessorize with some glasses if you are really feeling the part.

Be cute and spooky with this costume. To be a mummy, wear an all-black outfit and drape or wrap and pin layers of gauze over.

Sheet Ghost
A lazy classic but also a good go-to. Take an old bed sheet and cut eye holes out of the center of the sheet and drape over your head to achieve the ghostly look.

Sea Anemone
You might not be able to fit through the door, but all your friends will be amazed. Blow up some long pink balloons and attach them to a pink shirt via a safety pin through the knot. Step this costume up a notch by adding in some print outs of some clown fish.

We have all seen this person while on vacation. Grab your favorite pair of khaki shorts, white t-shirt, Hawaiian shirt and dad sneakers and step into your persona for the night. accessorize with an excessive amount of sunscreen, a fanny pack and maybe a camera.

Freddie Mercury
Become just as iconic as Freddie Mercury by wearing his classic high-waisted light wash jeans, white wife-beater tank top, and a thick mustache. Truly transform into Mercury by adding chest hair, and arm band and a large black belt.

Rain cloud
For this cute and simple costume all you need is a raincoat, an umbrella and rain boots. To really bring it to life, glue cotton balls to an umbrella and attach construction paper rain drops.

“The Bachelorette” / “The Bachelor”
If you are looking to be “The Bachelorette” just wear a nice cocktail dress and carry a single red rose with you all night. If you are looking to be “The Bachelor” wear a suit and carry a single rose around. Maybe ask someone if they will accept the rose at some point to maintain the facade.

“Men in Black”
Grab a black suit, a black tie, a white dress shirt, and your favorite black sunglasses and call yourself Jay (shoutout to Will Smith in the original).