Top 10: Random sports that should be in the Summer Olympics


Amber Manuel

Billiards, more commonly known as pool, is a popular game enjoyed by adults and kids. Why not make it an Olympic sport?

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games displayed the prowess of the greatest athletes around the world in swimming, track and gymnastics, just to name a few. It also showcased the world’s best athletes in some random sports like table tennis, synchronized swimming, canoe slalom and badminton.

With these out-of-the-ordinary events participating at the highest level of competition, what else would be awesome to see in the future Olympic Games? Here is a list of the top 10 random sports that should be in the Summer Olympics.

10. Bocce Ball
Bocce ball is a game played in North and South America, the European continent and Australia, not just in the backyards of Americans. Played as a team sport, a single player on one team rolls a small ball and then players of both teams roll bigger balls to see who gets the closest to the smaller one. In a sense, it is similar to the Winter Olympics event, curling.

9. Kickball
The world would get a “kick” out of this game. Combining the kicking part of soccer and the concepts of the recently reinstated baseball and softball, this popular recess game could be the next Olympic attraction. Seeing men and women who are trained to kick the ball really far while playing in a strategic manner, rather than just goofing off, would bring this game to a new level.

8. Billiards
Billiards, or pool, is a sport that is played professionally as well as in homes and bars. It would be amusing to watch it played as a normal game of billiards, but it would be even more entertaining to watch the trick shot version. Tricks could be judged as stunts in gymnastics are.

7. Disk Golf
Believe it or not, disk golf is a professional sport that is played in many countries. Also known as Frisbee golf, it is much like regular golf, but with a Frisbee. Competing in a park or forest setting, players must reach the target by throwing around natural obstacles. There are even different types of Frisbees for certain throws, just like golf with its specific clubs.

As professional bowling is already accepted in America, why not bring it to the world stage? Adults love this game and kids can easily relate. With scores ranging in the 200’s professionally in America, this would be an event families could enjoy together.

5. Water Skiing
Since skiing is in the Winter Olympics, it would be entertaining to see water skiing in the Summer Olympics. Also, instead of watching a water ski race, it would be awesome to watch more of an X-Games Big Air version of water skiing. Skiers would perform huge aerial tricks and be judged on it.

4. Darts
Another way to think of darts is short-range archery, since archery is already a Summer Olympics sport. Being both a popular professional and garage sport, people from around the world could watch darts on a higher competitive level. It could even grow the game amongst the younger crowd.

3. Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee has become a favorite sport for college-aged kids. It combines the qualities of Frisbee and handball. Watching the speed and agility of the players and their creative Frisbee throwing ability would definitely make this event a new crowd favorite.

2. Paintball
This sport would be electrifying to watch on the Olympic stage. Since fencing, or in other words competitive sword fighting, is an event, making paintball one too would bring a modern type of combat into a controlled competitive setting. Also, seeing the tactical skill and agility of foreign and domestic athletes would make for a memorable event.

1. Dodgeball
Imagine this classic P.E. game performed at an intense and strategic level, with athletes the size and strength of LeBron James and Ronda Rousey. Sounds insanely awesome right? It would make this game more than a classic childhood memory.

Start training now. With sports climbing entering the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, you never know when your favorite hobby will become an Olympic sport.

Honorable Mentions: Croquet, Slam Ball, Quidditch, Pickleball, Raquetball, Sport Stacking (Speed or Cup Stacking), Race Car Driving, Lacrosse