New Surf Movie “Kerrzy”

New Surf Movie Kerrzy

Kirra Reyna

Movie Cover.

Professional surfer Josh Kerr stars in a new high action, fast paced surfing movie produced by Matt Kleiner called “Kerrzy: Josh Kerr Past to Present.”

The latest installment to Kerr’s plethora of video segments, this flick chronicles Kerr’s surfing career before and after qualifying for the World Championship Tour in 2010.

This movie is an artful depiction of the skill that Josh Kerr has an a professional athlete. The high-energy surfing is backed with fast paced rock and EDM, showcasing both the carefree surfer punk of old and the newly grown-up and determined Kerr.

Locations include Snapper Rocks on the east coast of Australia; the famous slab called Shipstern Bluff in western Australia as well as other surf breaks in the country. There are also segments of Kerr ripping apart some of his new home breaks in southern California. Other locations include tropical places like Hawaii as well as Tahiti where he gets himself some serious tube time.

Originally known for his aerial surfing and winning every aerial contest on his stretch of coast in Australia. Kerr has matured over time as a person and a surfer to become well rounded in the air as well as on the open face and in the barrel.

Peers and fellow professional surfers like Kelly Slater, Jordy Smith, Mick Fanning and Mitch Coleborn add commentary for their firsthand observations of Kerr from before to now, observing Kerr beginning as a wild young surfer punk to eventually settling down to being a father of two in addition to being one of the best and highest ranking surfer on the planet.

“He was kinda deemed to be a free surf guy,” said Kelly Slater, “he began to be a competitive guy and now he’s a husband and father.”

Kerr is now a top performer on the World Championship Tour, often within the world’s top ten, performing in small aerial waves as well as big and heavy conditions.

The movie used footage both old and new to show the big push in progression that Kerr has shown through out his career rankings. The movie showcases his dominating prowess in above the lip surfing with huge airs that seem impossible to land this as well as his newfound rail game that includes powerful turns and super style.

Although Kerr qualified for the World tour in 2010, he did not make the cut for the following year, so he had to concentrate on his surfing to solidify his place as one of the world best surfers on the World Championship Tour in 2012.

This movie is visually appealing with a range of colors from the tropical blue waters of Hawaii to the green and grey water found in California. Along with the incredible surfing combines for an exciting and inspiring film that makes the viewer want to go out and surf.

Kerr’s surfing is a staple in the industry as he continues to push the limits of professional surfing and inspire future generations.

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