Last game against UH Hilo at McCabe Gym

Last game against UH Hilo at McCabe Gym

Chaminade women’s basketball player hoops at the free-throw line at the final home game against UH Hilo.

Even though the Chaminade women’s basketball team did not win the season finale of the 2011-12 season, the coaches and players still thought that they performed well to end the season. Many of the player’s family and friends applauded for the player’s performance.

The three seniors – Kelly Costello, Brittany Copp and Poerava Gantt – celebrated their final home game after a 64-44 loss to University of Hawaii at Hilo on Saturday March 3, at McCabe Gym. The team has won three games over the past four years at Chaminade.

“It’s always positive when we talk about everyone on the team and the character that they carry as young ladies representing themselves and Chaminade University,” said coach Bobby Keanini, women’s basketball head coach. “They will not do good things in their lives ahead, they will do great things.”

Throughout the game, sophomore guard Ahakuelo managed to score 17 points and had 8 rebounds. Costello scored 14 points in her last basketball game playing for Chaminade. But it wasn’t enough when Hilo dominated the court in the second half when UH Hilo scored six points in the first four minutes.

“The performance was great,” Keanini said. “We executed and jumped out to a lead but just had a hard time with their size at every position.”

Toward the end of the game, Jamie Higa, a junior, was placed into the game, giving her one last minute of her basketball career due to the a concussion injury that occured.

“It was unfortunate that she had the injury that caused her retirement,” said Keanini. “She was put in out of my respect I have for her and I wanted her to be recognized as a player on the team. She would have helped us a lot on the floor but a person’s well being is more important.”

Even the audience thought that the players performed the season finale to the best of their ability.

“Considering that that was my first game watching the Silverswords play, I thought they did really well,” said Kristen Higa, a sophomore at Chaminade, who came to support the Lady Swords.

Since it was the last chance that the team had to play with the four recognized players, Rhani Kaneaiakala, junior, gave some of her encouragement words to the four players.

“All of the seniors, including Jamie, are hard to replace,” Kaneaiakala said. “They’re going to be impossible to replace on and off the court. Knowing it was their last game, I know that they will … go out with a bang. I know that they will have a long future ahead of them and I wish them the best of luck.”

“Experience at the level of play is the valuable part we take from this season,” Keanini said. “The young ladies know what it’s like day in and day out and how grueling the season is if they’re not prepared coming into the season. We will improve only if we realize how important the off-season is.”