CUH Production of ‘Young Frankenstein’ Cancelled

Chaminade University’s production of “Young Frankenstein” is officially cancelled due to the on-going pandemic of Covid-19. Although the musical is called off for the semester, this was not Bro. Gary’s first time having to cancel a show before.

In 2014 he had tried to put on a production of “Rags,” which is a musical based on immigration back in the early part of the 20th century. However, it was very difficult for him a find a cast for the show.

“People weren’t just interested in it,” Bro Gary said. “They didn’t know anything about it.”

He originally postponed the show, “Rags,” but due to the lack of interest and with no cast, he decided to cancel the show. However, to take its place, there was a student-led musical that was based off a group of CUH students who performed at The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.

“Young Frankenstein” was originally scheduled to open on April 1 and run through April 5. Director of the production, Bro. Gary Morris. He made the announcement to the cast on March 12.

“I mean if you look at all the work everyone has put in, what we’ve done to make this thing go and then they tell you that you can’t do it,” Bro. Gary said. “It’s disappointing but I certainly understand why they did it.”

Bro. Gary has worked at Chaminade for 17 years and has directed 32 productions in his time here, but “Young Frankenstein” was going to be his last show before he enters retirement. He went on to say how sad he was that he wasn’t able to put on the production as his last hurrah.

Chaminade University student Aulani Oka, who plays Inga in the show, expressed how heart-broken she was about the cancellation of the show and how she’ll miss seeing the cast everyday.

“Being able to go to rehearsal every night was the highlight of my day,” Oka said. “Not being able to go to rehearsals anymore is disheartening.”

This show would’ve been her sixth show with Bro. Gary, she expressed how much she’ll miss him and he shaped her to be the actress that she is today.

“I’m going to really miss Bro. Gary,” Oka said. “He may not have been the cuddliest guy, but he was able to push me to become a better actress with every show.”

Although “Young Frankenstein” has been cancelled, Bro. Gary had said that there is a possibility that the show will go on.

The company responsible for distributing the rights of the show, Music Theatre International, told Bro. Gary that if he is able to stage the show during the fall semester, then they could keep all the materials given. If they put on the production next spring, all materials would be sent back now and redistributed later on, free of charge.

Bro. Gary has said that he was going to see what is available in the fall for the production. However, because he is retiring, the decision to put the show back on would be up to his as-yet hired replacement as well as the university.

The main take away from all of this that Bro. Gary will remember is how this was one of the nicest and most dedicated cast that he has ever worked with while working here at Chaminade.

“The bright spot for me was the cast blossom with what they were doing,” Bro. Gary said. “Being innovative, creative, and fun, that was the best memory for me working with the show.”