CUH Implements Holds to Get Students to Meet With Advisors


Jessica Baliares

Students meet new advising holds in programs.

Early registration for many juniors, seniors and student athletes is just a few weeks away. Students are already planning on what to take for their spring semester and going to see their advisers. They’re are also waiting for that course catalog to be available. But for the students of the Chaminade School of Business and Communications, the programs have seen a change and have now added an advising hold to select departments.

“The request comes from the faculty advisers,” said Yohok Aquino, an adviser who works in the career and advising center in Clarence T.C. Ching Hall. “The reason why we put holds is because the faculty side wants to see the students before registration to make sure that students pick right courses to be on track to graduate in four years.”

Many of the students are majoring and minoring in Business (administration, accounting, international trade), Communications, Computer Information System, Humanities and Fine Arts programs, and the school of Natural Sciences and Math programs. But there some programs that are excluded from this hold, which are Forensic Science, Biochemistry, Environmental Studies, Environmental Sciences, and Data Sciences and Visualization.

To view the hold, students are able to access it though portal. The Communications majors did not have this hold last year. But professor Clifford Bieberly had just recently told the advising office to put the hold on the students’ accounts.  

“It’s nothing bad,” said Bieberly, who is the Communications adviser. “People who work in the major know what’s going with in the departments, like if there is a change or going to be a new class or classes that won’t make it [due to low enrollment]. I would be more likely to know that than the people in advising who work with more than 20 majors. That’s why we put a hold on it, just so that people would come to their major adviser to find out what’s up.”

The advising hold is just like the hold from the business office where it does prevent you from registering for classes if you do not take care of the issue. There also should have been an email that was sent out to students saying that they have a hold on their account and how they would be able to remove it.

“Students should see their major faculty adviser,” Aquino said. “After the meeting, the faculty adviser will email the advising office saying that they met with the student and to please remove the hold.”

Early registration for student athletes and seniors, who are students with 90 or more credits, are able to register on Oct. 21, and juniors, who are students with 60 or more credits, are able to register on Oct. 28. For students who are not eligible for early registration, registration starts on Nov. 4. Class courses should be available a week before the registration date. 

If you are a student who is eligible for early registration, the advisers encourage students to schedule their appointments so that they are able to register on time. It’s better to get the hold off early so that you are not stressing about getting the hold off or having to wait for the next available day.