Maui Monday BBQ Brings the Game Home


Sam Brooks

Students, faculty and staff come together to cheer on the Silverswords against Notre Dame.

The Chaminade University of Honolulu men’s basketball team kicked off its annually hosted Maui Jim Maui invitational on Monday, Nov. 20. With the competition all the way in Maui, a few campus groups put together a barbecue for students, faculty and staff to sit back, enjoy the game and the company.

Students stuck on Oahu were able to support the home team and show their school spirit by showing up decked in Chaminade gear. Fans took over the Vi and Paul Loo Student Center at 4 p.m. to watch the Swords battle it out against Notre Dame on the big screen.

The Office of Student Activities and Leadership (OSAL), the Chaminade Student Government Association (CSGA), the Chaminade Student Programming Board (CSPB) and the Chaminade Chapter of the Blue Zones Committee all contributed to bring a tailgate feel indoors.

Free food for students and staff included hamburgers and hot dogs off the grill and fruit and veggie platters for those seeking game-watching fuel. There was also an ice cream float bar for those trying to keep the enthusiasm up during the game.

Religious studies Professor Peter Steiger was one of the only staff members amongst the sea of students. With school spirit and a front row seat, Steiger prepared himself for the game with a plate of food and chit-chatting with students.

“I wanted to join the Chaminade ohana in support of our student athletes and gather with other students, faculty and staff to enjoy the camaraderie,” Steiger said. “I also like the Maui Invitational and the excitement of it. It’s fun.”

The Wi-Fi connection was faulty and causing interruptions throughout the game, sometimes for minutes at a time. Although the spirit of the fans was far from faltering by the cheers that could be heard for the Swords to keep Notre Dame to a point differential that was less than ten.

The excitement continued with a raffle of prizes for students during the commercial breaks. Those who came in Chaminade gear were given three raffle tickets as a reward for showing off their school spirit and support for the team.

Swag bags were given to the first few winners, filled with Chaminade notebooks, a shirt and other apparel. Two grand prize winners won a Fitbit personal training band.  

Senior Business major Kai Rivera sat in the Loo as one of the quieter fans but remained even when the Wi-Fi acted up.

“I just came to support the troops [basketball team] and the free food,” Rivera said. “It’s cool to be able to support our boys from here since all of us can’t make it to Maui for the weekend.”

Chaminade Silverswords eventually lost to Notre Dame 83-56, by the attitude of the fans in the room, it would seem like they won. The fans were proud of the team either way.

“This tournament is no joke,” Rivera said. “They are playing some of the best schools in the country and there have been times where we [Chaminade] would just get smoked. So it’s nice to see a closer game from the Swords, even if they didn’t come out on top.”

OSAL and its partners found a way to bring the Maui Jim Maui Invitational to the fans back home. As the game wound down to a close, the empty food trays, gallons of ice cream and filled seats were just small hints at the major impact this event for Oahu based fans.