North Korean Missile Tests Spark Debate


Thomas Collins

Hawaii currently has a large amount of missile defense systems according to CNN.

Tensions rise between the U.S. and North Korea due to North Korea’s unlawful attempts to create nuclear weapons sparking debate over the United States’ next course of action.

Recently, President Donald Trump has said that he would not mind meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un, suggesting that Trump may be searching for a diplomatic resolution to the matter. Some informed Hawaii residents agreed with trump while others look forward to military action to ensure safety as the possibility of North Korean related incidents rise in the Pacific.

“I think that violence of any kind should be avoided,” said Katarina Victoria, 29, from Honolulu. “North Korea is always up in arms about something but they will probably do nothing as they have always done.”

Since February 11, North Korea has attempted seven missile tests, according to CNN. In the same article two missiles were unidentified and three were counted as missiles with possible nuclear capability.

“I think Donald Trump should go ahead and start blowing up some of Kim Jung Un’s defenses,” said Lihue Wessel a 24-year-old from Big Island. “How far are we going to let them [North Korea] push us before we start to take some real action.”

Admiral Harry Harris told the House Armed Services Committee that Hawaii’s defenses were sufficient at the moment but could be overcome in a future onslaught according to an article by Fox News. Harris believes that Hawaii’s missile defenses should be strengthened for extra security according to the same article by Fox News.

“We are going to be fine,” said Jonathan Sebastian, a 28-year-old resident of Honolulu from Paris, France. “North Korea knows it could never stand up to our [U.S.] military. I seriously doubt Kim Jung Un, will try anything. I think he just likes to show off.”

Current missile tests in North Korea have all failed but it is believed by correspondents from the white house and U.N. that that they are getting closer to success according to the New York Times.

“Peaceful solutions are always the best solutions,” said Kaohi Gomera 20, from Big Island. “I don’t want to wake up one morning to find things exploding or live through another pearl harbor. A peaceful solution should be a top priority.”

North Korea’s largest supporter and ally, China, has repeatedly told North Korea to cease their operations according to CNN.

“I think we should stop playing so nice and start showing the Koreans and the rest of the world that America shouldn’t be messed with,” said Army veteran and Chaminade student John Harris 30, from Honolulu. “We can play nice all we want but at the end of the day Kim Jung Un has made it clear that he wants to destroy us. Why should we look for peace with someone whose livelihood is based on our destruction?”

At the moment the white house is looking forward to negotiations but for security reasons has moved ships into range in the waters off the coast of Korea according to CNN. Other Nations such as China, Russia and France have also set up naval defenses in that area according to the same article.

According to Admiral Harry Harris in an article by Fox News it is currently believed that North Korea lacks the military technology to launch any kind of missile that could reach U.S. soil.