Extravaganza Will Not Be Aired Live on ‘Olelo


Jason Perez

Nick Fuller (left) and Gracelyn Lorenzo (right) performed with Hawaiian Club at Pacific Island Review in October.

During Fall 2016, Chaminade students from the Pacific island clubs prepared themselves for the Pacific Island Review (PIR), which was, for the first time ever, broadcasted live on ‘Olelo. With such a great impact, having ‘Olelo come back to Chaminade to broadcast Extravaganza on April 7 was still up in the air.

However, Chaminade’s Office of Student Activities and Leadership (OSAL) turned down the offer.

“We really can’t commit the time to it this semester,” said Jay Spenser Darden, director of OSAL. “I don’t want to do it halfway. I want to make sure we put out a good product.”

Darden explained the reason behind the decision to decline the live broadcast was due to a “huge undertaking for the staff.” Last semester, Darden approved the live broadcast since majority of his nine-member OSAL staff consisted of returning members who experienced the planning, process, and execution of PIR and Extravaganza. However, almost half of his staff this semester have no experience with either event.

“Only four of us have PIR under our belts as experience and there’s only one person who has gone through Extravaganza,” said Rena Pascual, an OSAL staff member who helped out with PIR last October. “Extravaganza, as a whole, is extremely new to everyone essentially.”

Pascual admits that even though the decision to decline the live broadcast “takes a little bit of that pressure off,” having PIR on ‘Olelo last semester was valued and appreciated amongst the staff, students, and the families of students.

“I think that was one of the best parts about it,” Pascual said. “I know one of the students were happy because her mom in New Zealand could watch it online.”

The clubs were disappointed that Extravaganza would not be broadcast live like PIR. Filmore Timothy, president of the Micronesian Club, acknowledged that having the performance broadcast last year was stressful, but “it’s always going to be special” and “it’s worth it.”

“It was nice to get that kind of exposure and show the world what Chaminade as to offer,” said Kahiau McKeague, the Hawaiian Club president. “We had to make several adjustments, but overall we enjoyed having PIR on ʻOlelo.”

Grant Okazaki, a senior at Chaminade who provided the push to connect ‘Olelo with PIR, was disappointed and slightly confused to see OSAL decline ‘Olelo’s services.

“Everything seemed fine,” Okazaki said reflecting back on conversations with Darden about ‘Olelo. “We were just looking forward to doing Extravaganza and having more time to be ready and prepared for Extravaganza [than PIR].”

During PIR, Okazaki was a staff member of ‘Olelo, so the broadcasting fees were waived. However, this semester for Extravaganza, the $100 broadcasting fee would be implemented. Hoping to lift some burden off OSAL, he discussed the situation with Communication professor, Thomas Galli, who gave the OK to cover the expenses through the Communication department. With OSAL declining the offer and closing off any reconsiderations, Okazaki canceled the contract with ‘Olelo.

Although OSAL is unable to broadcast Extravaganza on ‘Olelo, Darden confirmed that there might be a possibility for a live PIR broadcast next semester and at more events to come.

“That was something that I really appreciated about Chaminade,” Darden said of the support for PIR and Extravaganza. “And I think it’s something that we should really make sure that we continue to promote and publicize, in a very public way. Because I feel think that’s something that we do that’s unique.”

The Extravaganza dinner will kick off Friday at 6 p.m. on the Sullivan Library Lawn. The performances of the eight clubs will start at 7 p.m.