The challenges of Pacific Island Review


Vina Cristobal

Tahitian Club performance from last Pacific Island Review

By Chris Kanamu, Staff Writer

With Pacific Island Review just a few short days away, all of the clubs that are preforming are starting to feel the pressure. However, this year’s Pacific Island Review is a little different. This year’s performance will be broadcasted live on ‘Olelo for the first time. With a live show in the works, there have been a lot of mixed feelings about it.

“I personally didn’t like it,” said Crishelle Young, the Hawaiian Club secretary. “Everything is so rushed this year. It made school all the more stressful. And with the performance date moved up (to Oct. 21), we had to ask ourselves many times do we want to do this? Because our club has had some difficulties.”

The clubs this year are facing a number of issues preparing for Pacific Island Review. Not only do they have to deal with the pressure of being on live television, but also deal with the date for Pacific Island Review being moved up one week from its tradition as the last Friday of October.

One of the issues facing the Hawaiian Club was what to perform. Since Hawaiian Club isn’t a halau, there were many cultural factors that the officers had to consider. It has added extra stress to the club officers.

“It affected how strict we were this year,” Young said. “There was a lot to consider because since we aren’t a halau, there are a lot of things we aren’t allowed to do. We really had to think about our costumes, hair, and what type of dance we were going to do. We had to make sure that we weren’t going to break an of the cultural rules imposed by the Hawaiian culture.”

However, in the midst of all the stress, there are still positive feelings going around.

“Even though there is a lot more stress with this PIR, I am excited to see it broadcasted,” Young said. “I can’t wait to see the end product and to see how far the club has progressed. I know this will be a good experience for the club.”

Even with all the ups and downs that have been happening with Pacific Island Review, the Tahitian Club has been keeping a positive mindset.

“At first I was a little stressed and worried, but I have a great club and awesome members that have made this experience enjoyable,” said Kaui Perreria, the Tahitian Club president (and Chaminade Newspress staff writer). “It would have been good to have a little more time, but I feel the turnout will still be great.”

The live performance and date change forced the Tahitian Club to add another two-hour practice every week leading up to PIR. However, even with all the problems that have presented itself, the Tahitian Club still has a positive outlook.

“I believe it’s a great opportunity for my club,” Perreria said. “It gives my club a chance to gain more dancing experience and have more confidence in general while performing.”

With all the mixed feelings about Pacific Island review, it is still good to see that everyone is still excited to perform and show off the culture heritage of their particular club.

“I am excited for PIR,” Perreria said. “My biggest priority is that my club members and friends have fun and take away good memories and experience from this time. I am excited to see the smiles on all their faces as they showcase all their talents and hard work for their friends and family.”

Pacific Island Review starts at 6 p.m. this Friday and is held at the Sullivan Library lawn.