Campus Store looks to get more involved


Chris Kanamu

Chaminade’s Campus Store, with new leadership, has made an effort to be more involved in campus life already this semester.

By Chris Kanamu, Staff Writer

Over the summer, the Chaminade Campus Store got a complete overhaul on its staff. Everyone from the management team to the staff is new to the store.

Taryn Kanda, the new Campus Store manger, has some new ideas and is ready to get involved with events going on around campus. Already this semester, the Campus Store made appearances at New Student Orientation and Club Fest in August. The store’s booths at these events showcased what the bookstore has to offer.

“I think there is a lot more we can do on campus in terms of partnerships and support that people just don’t realize we can do just because we haven’t offered it before,” said Kanda.

In addition to begin at New Student Orientation and Club Fest, the Campus Store also participated in New Student Orientation training and New Faculty training. During these training sessions the Campus Store gave out information about the different clothes and book promotions that were happening and events that it was doing for New Student Orientation, and for the New Faculty training it provided information about the textbook ordering process.

“I thought it was really helpful because not many people are aware of what the bookstore has to offer,” said Melissa Ponce a New Student Orientation leader. “And I really thought the promotions were good because it draws people to actually go to the bookstore.”

In addition to making more appearances at campus events, the Campus Store will be expanding its clothing selection. Over the next several months the new merchandise will be making its appearance on the Campus Store shelves. Some of which will feature a more local surf shop feel vs. the mainstream college apparel that students are used to seeing on the shelves.

“I am trying to gear it toward more of the student population,” said Kanda. “I am trying to look at the background of the students and also I’m trying to look at current fashion trends period especially local fashion because local fashion is a little different from what the mainland trend is.”

For those active people that are here on campus the Campus Store also has you covered. The Campus Store will be re-doing the entire Under Armour and Nike collection that it carries. It will be bringing new Under Armour polo shirts for both men and women. The shirt will be featuring new colors. The Campus Store will also start carrying Nike dri-fit hats.

“I am glad that they are starting to carry polo shirts that are actually cut for women,” said Sahitya Hammell, the assistant to the director of OSAL. “It is hard to use a men’s polo for business casual attire because they do not fit me properly.”

With fresh blood in its system, the Campus Store is reinventing itself and what it can do for Chaminade. You can look forward to seeing at all the up coming events happening around the school. Be sure to check out the local inspired new apparel. Also, be sure to follow the Campus Store on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the latest updates.