CUH goes live for the first time

Professor Tom Galli and senior Grant Okazaki, the producers of Hookūkū Hawaii, the first live Hawaiian trivia show that Chaminade is producing.

Brittain Komoda

Professor Tom Galli and senior Grant Okazaki, the producers of Ho’okūkū Hawaii, the first live Hawaiian trivia show that Chaminade is producing.

By Brittain Komoda, Staff Writer

Chaminade University’s Studio Video Production class is producing its first live television show, which will be aired on ‘Ōlelo Community Media in April, and it is looking for students and staff to participate.

Grant Okazaki and professor Tom Galli are producing a live, Hawaiian trivia show called Ho’okūkū Hawaii that will be aired on April 12 and 19 from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. The show can be viewed online on ‘Ōlelo’s website or on one of the four ‘Ōlelo channels.

“It’s going to be a fun time,” said Okazaki, the producer of the show and a senior at Chaminade. “We are trying to raise awareness of the show and get as many people as we can to keep [things] moving.”

They are currently looking for contestants and two hosts to be apart of this show. Hosts are requested to be fluent in Hawaiian.

The show will be separated into two episodes. The first episode will be about Old Hawaiian history. For example, questions may be asked about Captain Cook or how the Native Hawaiians lived and survived. The second episode will be focused on Modern Hawaiian history. Hawaiian celebrities such as Frank Delima and the pidgin language are examples of question topics that will be asked in this section.

Questions will be presented in different formats, from essay style to multiple choice.

The vision for the show includes three hosts in the studio. The main host will be Manny Ibarra and two other Hawaiian-speaking hosts who will keep viewers entertained in-between callers. Contestants will call in one-by-one and be asked a trivia question. If they get it correct, they move on to the next question and further until they answer wrong. The prize the contestant receives will depend on the number of questions they answer correctly.

Contestants are asked to keep calling in if they want to participate until they get through the line and get a turn.

“I’m excited,” said professor Galli. “The live show is the ultimate adrenaline ride in this world. There haven’t been too many groups that have been comfortable with the idea of trying it out, and this is one of the groups.”

This will also be the first time the class incorporates Skype and phone calls into their production. Contestants don’t need to be present in the studio to participate; instead they will be able to call in via Skype or by telephone.

“There are numerous challenges, all technical in nature,” said Galli. “I’m looking forward to it as a whole just to see the students rise to the occasion and to see how they perform with an added pressure.”

Prizes range from Ichiriki gift certificates to Hawaiian CD’s or stickers from KCCN.

If you are interested in being a contestant, call in by phone to (808) 834-2886 or by Skype to HookukuHawaii on April 12 or 19 during 12 – 1 p.m.

If you are interested in being a host, please contact Grant Okazaki at (808) 428-0557. A rehearsal will be held on April 5.

“This will be my first live show that I’ve done,” said Okazaki. “To be recognized for this… I’ll take it with me for the rest of my life.”