Business Attire Fashion Show for Chaminade students


Jolica Domdom

Come support fellow Chaminade students as they strut the runway at the Fashion Show on Monday, Nov. 9, in the Vi & Paul Loo Student Center.

By Jolica Domdom, Staff Writer

Club Delta and the Women’s Empowerment Club are collaborating to host a Fashion Show in the Vi & Paul Loo Center on Monday, Nov. 9, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. This will be the second semester that Club Delta and the Women’s Empowerment Club have arranged a Fashion Show for Chaminade students.

Tiare Saniatan, president of Club Delta, and Emma Smith, president of the Women’s Empowerment Club, have come together to create a business attire Fashion Show as a way to prepare students to look and feel their best for their future careers.

Throughout the semester, Club Delta has helped host events such as the Career Fair and G.I.V.E. Expo for students at Chaminade. This Fashion Show is just one of those events to help transition students to the real world.

“I expect that there will be models showing us what to wear and what not to wear and then an explanation tellings us whats wrong with the outfits,” said Rachel Kamita, a senior majoring in Mass Communications. “I think this is a good event because some people, in theory, know what is appropriate to wear but seeing it is totally different. I like to wear hobo type clothes, so I feel like an event like this would help me out a lot.”

Multiple students have volunteered to model work-appropriate outfits such as blazers, blouses, and slacks. The other student models will be sporting the inappropriate attire by wearing muscle tees, tank tops, and board shorts. This show is meant to provide entertainment, as well as give students a visual example of how to dress and act professional for a business interview.

Club Delta and the Women’s Empowerment Club have prepared student models on what they should do for the event and where they will be walking during the fashion show. Both clubs have also prepared a slideshow that will include tips and advice for students.

“We have the fashion show planned out with music and a slideshow so that we can show the outfits and try to give an idea of what each outfit might cost because we know that students are definitely on a budget,” said Smith, a senior and Biology major. “We want to show great interview outfits that are also affordable and inexpensive. On the slideshow we also have general do’s and don’ts for interview attire, which will be shown during the event.”

For many students, this will be their first time attending the Fashion Show. This event is important for students like Jorisa Fernandez, who is majoring in Accounting and is now a senior expecting to graduate next semester and start her future career.

“It will be my first time going to the Fashion Show and I am greatly looking forward to it” said Fernandez, “The fashion show will make me more aware of what is appropriate and inappropriate attire to wear during occasions such as job interviews and so forth.”

Last semester, the Fashion Show had a raffle that consisted of prizes such as notepads, portfolio folders, and gift cards to Macy’s. This year, Club Delta and the Women’s Empowerment Club will be giving away prizes as incentives for students who attend the Fashion Show. Food and drinks will also be provided during the hour long event.

“It is so important to have this event because sometimes we forget what’s appropriate to wear and what’s not,” Smith said. “This will exhibit exactly what to wear and what not to wear, and I think this is effective because it is also a fun event and it brings Chaminade together.”