Chaminade Hosts Annual International Extravaganza


The La Familia clubs shows off their salsa dancing skills.

Last Friday Chaminade University held its annual International Extravaganza, a free event featuring performances by the different clubs around campus.

By definition, an “extravaganza” is a large and spectacular event, and because of diversity of cultures here in Hawaii and in the clubs here at Chaminade, the word international before extravaganza seems fitting.

“This is my second time coming to this event,” said Jessie Maliwelur, a junior at Chaminade, “I have one friend in the Micronesian Club and another in the Hawaiian Club so it’s cool to come here and see them dance.”

The event was located on the Sullivan Family Library Lawn and kicked off at 6 p.m. with the serving of free food for the student and anyone there first come first serve.

Rows of chairs lined the grass all the way to the door of the library as well as a number of tables set up under the tent next to the library lawn for people to eat.

By the time the performances were about to begin every chair in attendance was filled with excited onlookers waiting to see a fun night full of celebration. People were even huddled together on the library’s top balcony to get a better view.

International Extravaganza is special because it only happens once a year during the spring semester.

It showcases the many talented students who attend Chaminade and is especially important to the performers, who have many family and friends watching in attendance.

For graduating students, the extravaganza is metaphorically a farewell sendoff from the life of a college student to the realities of being an active member in the workforce.

The International Extravaganza is put on each year by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership, known as OSAL. It puts on multiple events throughout the school year and provides programs that connect and involve the students in university life through the development of leadership skills and social interactions with peers.

On the Monday prior to Extravaganza, a show and tell was held at 12:30 in the VI and Paul Loo Student Center, located in Clarence T.C Ching Hall. The show and tell was in preparation for the big show and offered a unique look into the different clubs and cultures.

For instance the Lumana’i O Samoa Club had a tutorial on how to cook a traditional Samoan meal. The Hawaii Club showed the art of lei making and the process involved. The Indigo Lotus Club featured a henna tutorial. The Tahitian Club showed the audience how to make a traditional Tahitian dress. The Micronesian Club gave a step by step process of basket weaving and the La Familia Club gave a short preview of the dance to come at the Extravaganza.

Extravaganza featured a graceful dance by the Hawaiian Club and extremely fun money dance by the Samoan Club as well as many other great performances throughout the night, which ended shortly after 9 p.m.