Alumni Relations executes a Spirit video contest


Show your #ChaminadeSpirit and put your video-making skills in use.

For the first time, Alumni Relations has put together a Spirit Video Contest for students and faculty to express and capture the spirit of Chaminade University.

Alumni Relations is encouraging all moviemakers to put their skills to use and create a 30-second to 1-minute video.

“The reason for the contest is a way we can engage with our Chaminade community, students, faculty and staff,” said Alumni Relations director Be-Jay Kodama. “Who better knows what the Chaminade Spirit is than our Chaminade community?”

How well students display their school spirit may be a determination for a prospective student visiting campus or a kickoff for new students of CUH.

Videos must illustrate positive and suitable contents to showcase the theme of the Chaminade Spirit. All video entries are due no later than Dec. 17 at 4 p.m. and should be delivered to the office of Alumni Relations, Ching Hall 214 during normal business hours.

A board of judges will review if the video meets all following criteria: video quality, visual appeal, appropriateness, creativity, and storytelling ability.

Three lucky winners will be notified by Dec. 22 with either first place prize of a GoPro, second place prize of a $100 Visa gift card and a third place prize of a $50 Visa gift card.

Being that Chaminade is a small campus, it has an advantage because it creates an environment where students recognize each other, if not socialize together.

School spirit creates pride for the school and can get more students on the stands at a Silversword basketball game. School spirit doesn’t only exist on the field or in the gym, it also carries over the campus

School spirit creates a sense of belongingness and unites student community. When people belong to something they often become more committed and are more active in student activities.

Making students more aware of school events and what is going on around campus makes the college experience more enjoyable. This gives a student a chance to branch out and meet new people who can even forge relationships that may last beyond college.

Through school spirit, tradition is created and passed down from generation to generation. Tradition makes a college standout among others and makes college life more exciting.

Student achievement can also benefit from school spirit; students who have pride in their school want to represent their school and will work hard for it.

Even after graduation, school spirit matters to a university or college. Graduates that take pride in their school may give back to the university financially as an expression of gratitude for their unforgettable experience.

Every college life deals with school spirit in some way and is more than just blue full-face paint; it is ultimately what makes a university.