Alumni Reunion went into motion with Pau Hana Time


Chaminade alumni mingled with each other at the Henry Hall Courtyard on Thursday as part of the Alumni Reunion.

Father Stephen Tutas, the only living founder of Chaminade, has attended the Alumni Reunion since ’59 and it never ceases to amaze him.

“It’s always good to look back,” Tutas said. “It gives you a chance to look forward.”

April 3 was the start of annual Alumni Reunion, which began with Pau Hana Time. This event is about the alumni, whom reconnected with the each other and the campus through exquisite cuisines, spirits, and musical entertainment. It was held at the Henry Hall courtyard from with an attendance of more than 100 guests. Faculty and staff also took part whom supported the alumni who made Chaminade for what it is today.

Be-Jay Kodama coordinated Pau Hana as a member of the alumni committee as well as the director of Alumni Relations. The 86’ alumna received her bachelor’s in Communications of Broadcasting.

“Our mission is life-long learning, so we hope alums will come back get a little bit of education,” Kodama said warmly.

For Lolita Lum Hoy, attending the reunion is all about reconnecting with in the other alumni and the campus. Hoy graduated in ‘61 with a bachelor’s degree in Education.

“That is one of the strong points from the very beginning from day one,” Hoy said. “This is why I love it and I come back to it because I follow this warm relationship between teacher and student.”

Before Pau Hana started, the alumni went through the classrooms to get a nostalgic sense of the institution and to seek out of what’s in store for the future. During the gathering, the menu included chicken bruschetta, shrimp pockets, and salad. In addition, there were two types of bars: the first bar included spirits of beer and wine, while the second bar included sushi. Since today is the digital age, Kodama also held a workshop event where the older generation of the alumni learned how to social network. Kodama also told the alumni who had smartphones to go to Facebook or Twitter and include the words #Chaminadereunion with their posts and tweets.

Kaleo Del Sol, a local musician, made his fifth performance for the reunion. Each time he came, he notices that there are younger alumni attending more than the older alumni.

“It was mostly an event seem like for the older generation, but it’s really cool to see people blending in,” said Del Sol.

While the alumni enjoyed their time reconnecting, Chaminade’s president, Brother Bernard Ploeger, became ecstatic socializing with them as this was his thirteenth time attending the reunion.

“I most enjoy trying to meet the original kind of the first 10 year classes to get stories about Chaminade as it was before I knew anything about Chaminade,” said Bro. Bernard.

With over 100 guests, Kodama was pleased with the turnout of Pau Hana and glad that the connection between the alumni and Chaminade still stands strong.

“Building relations that build our community and keeping our community connected,” Kodama said. “So after you graduate that you stay connected within the university. It’s like a life-long relationship.”