Exciting semester planned for Chaminade honor society


Bernardo Equila (left) and Caitlyn Miyamoto share leadership of DEI this semester.

In past years Delta Epsilon Iota has been an honor society that many students put in their résumé, but not all members have fulfilled requirements to be considered active.  Under new leaders, President Caitlyn Miyamoto and Vice President Bernardo Equila, DEI has already planned activities to become a more recognized club. Both Equila and Miyamoto know the valuable resources and networking opportunities they can offer DEI members this semester.

I believe that DEI is so important because it creates opportunities while students are still in college,” Miyamoto said. Miyamoto is hoping she can lend more notoriety to the club through organizing numerous activities throughout the semester that members can take part in.

The first community service event will be Honolulu’s Halloween Health Fair, which takes place on Saturday, Oct. 26. Miyamoto hopes that this year’s theme, “Save Your Soles,” will make DEI members more aware of the need for shoes for children and families who are less fortunate. This is because each DEI member will be able to donate shoes that they no longer use to those who have fewer resources. DEI members will also have a booth where children will be able to take part in a lively relay race with the event’s mascot.

Although this is not the only community service event planned for this semester, it is important that DEI members volunteer because they are required to participate in at least one service event. This brings up one of the key elements that will make DEI a successful and active club this semester, which is participation. Miyamoto believes that participation should not be an issue for DEI due to its size; currently there are 90 members. In fact, according to Miyamoto and her fellow club officers, in order for graduating seniors to get their DEI cords at graduation, they must attend at least two meetings and one community service.

“Community service events will not be the only way in which DEI members can show their participation,” Miyamoto said. “DEI members will also be able to set up a workshop or chair an event this semester.” Hosting a workshop would mean that the DEI member would organize a time and place for an expert in Career Services to speak to other DEI members. DEI will already host one of these workshops in the spring semester with a time management and organization coach.

“These workshops are helpful to DEI members in developing skills they will need in their careers,” Miyamoto said. “It will also give DEI members an opportunity to take a leadership role in the club.

Paige Lemaster is a DEI member who is also a co-editor in Chaminade’s “Aulama” magazine. This semester, DEI will start to partner with “Aulama,” a creative magazine that publishes students’ creative work.

“Submitting a DEI member’s creative work would be a great opportunity for DEI to get their name out in the public,” Lemaster said. “It would give DEI free publicity and make DEI members feel that they can participate while showing their creative side.” The DEI club officers are expecting each member to be committed to DEI, because each member has influence over the club’s decisions.

“At the first meeting I passed around a paper and had the club attendees write down what they would like to see as well as what DEI has done in the past that they liked,” Miyamoto said. The suggestions that Miyamoto and Equila have received thus far have shown that DEI members truly want to make a difference this semester.

“The members presented me with many new initiatives such as classes and workshops on the GRE, the Graduate Record Examination,” Miyamoto said. “Members were also interested in workshops or talks regarding their potential graduate school options.” This would greatly assist DEI members who desire to attend graduate school, rather than immediately start their careers.

“It would be great to have DEI be a part of something like that,” Miyamoto said. “It is also inspiring and exciting to be a part of each DEI member’s growth into their future careers.”