Trial library hours were a hit


Trial run library hours were received positively among students.

Chaminade students rocked the trial library hours for the week of March 4.

Sullivan Library’s trial run of the extended hours went so well with so many students utilizing the extra time that the trial hours may be a new change for the campus.

“I think people received it very well,” said Kaipo Leopoldino, president of the Chaminade Student Government Association, talking highly of the trial period. “There was a lot of positive reactions from the student population and students would come up to us [CSGA] and express their excitement and their gratitude.”

Since the hours were being implemented during midterms week, it was perfect.

With the library staying open two hours later, many were thrilled to take advantage of the extra time given, especially the graduate students.

Diana Miranda, a criminal justice graduate student, said that, “master(s) students loved it!” Since classes end at around 10 p.m., it’s convenient to go to the library right after class. Miranda herself stumbled upon the library being open, unaware of the extended hours. She headed to the library to get and item she needed what surprised her was the site of it lit up and active.

Not only were the graduate students excited about the later hours, so was the staff.

Front desk student worker, Athina Mina, feels that it went well for the first couple of days. However, she thought that there should have been an announcement in class or an email sent out to the students saying that there were extended hours for the library.

“In my opinion I think it was successful, so hopefully they’ll extend the evening,” said Mina, a biology major.

According to Leopoldino, the evenings were a hit since students tend to be nocturnal, while the mornings were very “dismal.”

Heather Gordon, a help desk worker, also feels that if the hours were advertised more students would have been aware of the opportunity. She feels the hours would have been a success if they were implemented during finals week.

“I thought they were very helpful, especially the early morning hours,” said Gordon, a biochemistry major.

Micah Uehara, a help desk worker and criminal justice major, agreed with Gordon about implementing the hours during finals week. Uehara recently noticed many students stopped by the help desk at odd hours to buy print credits and trying finishing up assignments at the last minute.

Although CSGA pushed long and hard for extended library hours, it is now in the hands of head librarian Sharon Le Page and Dean Grissel Benitez-Hodge. Students will find out the ultimate decision next fall on whether or not the extended library hours will be implemented.

“We got the results that we wanted, we answered questions that were asked and we are now starting to see the results of that,” said Leopoldino, proud of the efforts they [CSGA] have made. “Next semester, we should be able to see the fruits of our labor.”