CUH friends win Jeopardy Night


Ani Artero (fourth from left) and Treston Silva (third from left with his arm raised) balance each other out in their friendship giving them an advantage on Jeopardy Night.

As the last question displayed in the Loo Center, hands shot up in the air while the four teams, each made up of two Chaminade students, wiggled eagerly in their seats hoping their group would have a chance to answer the question first at the first annual Jeopardy Night hosted by Office of Student Activities and Leadership. Even though all eight contestants had their heart set on winning the first-place prize of a $15 Starbucks gift card, Ani Artero and Treston Silva fought to win.

Freshmen Martin Moore and Carlos Cortes hosted Jeopardy Night held on Monday at 5:30 p.m. Being a part of OSAL, Moore and Cortes are required to produce an event each year. Jeopardy Night was their event this year and they collectively composed challenging questions about pop culture, Chaminade history, athletics and Hawaii. OSAL also provided snacks and prizes for first and second place winners.

At the end of the night Chaminade juniors and best friends, Artero and Silva, won the first place prize. The gift card will be shared among the both of them.

“At first we thought that it was going to be individual, and I was pretty sure I was going to lose to him [Silva], but as soon as we found out that we were going to have partners, it was an instant connection,” said Artero, who is double majoring in English and Psychology.

Artero and Silva’s great teamwork grew from years of friendship. They even consider themselves as best friends. Artero and Silva first met during one of the freshman orientation field trips. The field trip originally went to the Aloha Stadium swap meet but Artero and Silva remember it as “the Target trip” because they both ventured off to the close-by Target, creating a bond that soon turned into a great friendship.

Although they didn’t prepare for Jeopardy Night, Artero and Silva both admitted they watch the show every day in the Loo Center with many of the same students that participated in Jeopardy Night. The question that gave them their last winning point was: “Name two of the eight presidents of Chaminade University.”

“We have strengths and weaknesses that balance each other out in those areas,” Artero said.

Because Silva is a Forensic Science major, both he and Artero admitted that science is his strength and pop culture is Artero’s strength, making pop culture their strongest subject at Jeopardy Night, since there was no science selection. Silva soon confessed that their weakest subject was athletics and, to strategize, they tried to eliminate that subject as soon as possible.

Artero and Silva admitted their friendship grew closer through various school events and activities one in which is Chaminade’s annual Awakening retreat being the catalyst of their friendship. They specify Awakening 27, in Spring 2012, where they were both in a leadership position forcing them to work together creating an attachment and realizing they were going to be friends for a lifetime, which Artero calls their “forever moment.”

Artero and Silva met as young freshmen at an orientation field trip then further developed into a close friendship while they were leaders at an Awakening retreat, in spring 2012. By balancing each other out, they both worked together on Monday night winning the whole game and taking home the first prize at OSAL’s first annual Jeopardy Night.