Cooling down while fundraising

With finals just around the corner, students are staying up late in an attempt to do some last-minute studying. Papers are being finished and presentations are getting their final touchups. Though stress levels are high in students, it’s good to take a break from the crunch time.

One way to take a break and cool down is by purchasing some shave ice during finals. From Dec. 10-12 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., Kona Ice will be on campus on third road, just behind the library, brought here by Chaminade University’s Hogan Entrepreneur program.

The idea to bring the Kona Ice truck to Chaminade was made possible by Christie Engel while other students in the Hogan program assisted in getting the word out. Kona Ice is a shaved ice company that allows clubs to fundraise for events.

“I’ve helped by reaching out to Kona Ice, getting approval to have them come on campus, and by gathering volunteers to put together signs and other things helpful to bring in as much support as possible,” said Engel, 34, who is a master’s student getting her graduate degree in counseling psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family.

The truck was brought to campus during finals week as it was a good idea to bring an end to the semester as well as students and faculty being able to treat themselves.

Having Kona Ice on campus isn’t just a way for students and faculty to have a treat but also a fundraising event for Hogan. The proceeds that will be made will go toward Hogan’s second summer trip to India and China this coming summer. The trip offers Hogan students various internship opportunities with the different businesses abroad.

“I haven’t been on the past trip there, but I am very excited to go and learn more about this country via experience and not from reading books it or hearing about it, but actually seeing it and experiencing it for myself,” said Kristime Manceras, 20, a junior at Chaminade University.

This is only the first of many fundraisers that Hogan will offer to get money for their trip. In the future, Hogan plans on having a Regal Foods Fundraiser, a car wash and a dinner, along with other fundraisers.

Kona Ice will provide many different flavors along with three sizes with affordable prices: small, $3, medium, $4, and large, $5.