Friday Night Live names winner for the PIR event


The Chaminade competitors for the Friday Night Live event: Joanna Chang, Lei Ui Kaholokula, Teuila Tauaese, Baron Kaholokula, and Michael Pennock (from left to right).

For a chance to show their true potential outside of academics, student groups around Chaminade have come together to instill a tradition at the university.

With the Pacific Island Review (PIR) approaching fast, member’s of Office of Student Activities and Leadership (OSAL) initiated the student’s excitement by providing a series of activities leading up to the last “Friday Night Live” on October 19, at 6:00 p.m. in the Student Center, where they named the winner for the opening spot at PIR.

“To be able to perform for PIR is a great opportunity,” said Nadia Fale, 18, the host of Friday Night Live. “It is a big event that attracts a large audience.”

Chaminade campus annually hosts two PIR events and two student concerts. The PIR events are housed on the Sullivan Family Library lawn. The fall PIR event this year is taking place on November 2, at 6:00 p.m. It is an opportunity for students of pacific island backgrounds to display their culture through song and dance and has become a tradition at Chaminade.

Last year, students competed had signed up to compete for the two opening and half-time shows for the annual concerts. The opening acts were such a success that the hosts of the events, the Chaminade Student Government Association (CSGA) and OSAL organized this Friday Night Live event for this PIR event of the semester. This is the first time students are competing for the opening spot for a PIR performance.

“I work on Fridays so I brought music to my shift”, said Fale. “I have to be here anyway, so I might as well make it fun.”

Each semester the students at Chaminade are allocated money through organizations such as the OSAL and CSGA for events such as Friday Night Live. Friday Night Live was made especially for students to be able to show their talent off for the chance to win prizes and ultimately the chance to win an opening slot for the next upcoming concert or sponsored event.

The recent tradition of competing for the opening act in upcoming school performances has motivated students to a new level.

“The first prize was the chance to perform at PIR, but all three winners also got various gift cards for food places,” said Fale. “About ten to fifteen people tried out and about the same amount did it for fun.”

The Friday Night Live events were spread out over three events where the first and second events took place on September 21, and October 5. During the last event Jessica Cardenas, 20, who had been to all three Friday Night Live events, said that the best part of them was the chance to participate. She said that it was not only for the contestants, but also for anyone that wanted to go up.

“The best part of this event was being able to relax and catch up with old friend and meet new ones,” said Angelica Desuasido, 20, a senior at Chaminade. “It is a really fun way to sit and chill and listen to peoples talents.”

Friday Night Live was designed as an open-mic event so that students around campus could hang out in the Student Center for free food while enjoying some live music. There were about fifty students in the Student Center the final night as they waited for the announcement of the winner for the PIR event.

In a close race against soloist Chardonnay Pao, and a band including Chaminade students Baron Kaholokula and Michael Pennock, the group “Boom Fire” whose members included Teuila Tauaese, Joanna Chang, and Lei Ui Kaholokula won the chance to open for the upcoming PIR event.

The event was a success as students seemed more anxious to see the performers at the PIR event as they left that night.

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere of being with my classmates during an evening event so I had time to do my work before,” said Desuasido. “They should advertise more so more students could attend.”