Club Fest draws ‘biggest turnout’

Club Fest draws biggest turnout

The Chaminade Education Club dressed up in crayola to celebrate Club Fest on September 5.

With Club Fest being pushed back to the second Wednesday, this year’s Club Fest had the biggest turnout out of all the previous years at Chaminade. Club Fest gives new students, transfer students, and returning students the opportunity to join clubs and see the different communities we have to offer here at Chaminade. With over 30 plus clubs participating, from the Hawaiian Club to the Tahitian Club to the Chaminade Education Club dressed up in colorful crayons to the Tongan Club who won best decorated table with their Tongan flag and also wore traditional costumes called puletahas.

As an observer, there were students all over the place! The Director of Student Activities & Leadership, Makerusa “Mak” Porotesano said that he “has never seen it that packed before!” Since we don’t really have the statistics of how many students are actually present until we get the club rosters, this was the biggest turnout.”

The clubs that participated this year seemed to have taken the time to decorate their booths in order to draw in students to sign up. Also, those representing their individual booths were very persuasive when it came to down to a student debating whether or not to sign up. Getting involved in a club is the best way to meet new people and try something that you probably think that you would never do.

So what did clubs do differently this year compared to previous semesters? Porotesano said, “Last semester was the first time we pushed back club fest. By scheduling on the second Wednesday, it gives the officers more time to prep and to put up flyers to spread the word.” Desiree Yamase, graduate assistant of OSAL, also said “Putting a contest of best decorated table, also gave clubs a chance to be creative with decorations, giving out food, etc.”

Another factor that contributed to the huge turnout were clubs that haven’t been actively participated in Club Fest before such as the Gamers Club.

“I think the newer clubs were able to reach out a new variety of students, which brought out more people to want to check it out” said Porotesano. “Also having music playing and students noticing some familiar faces around were helpful to students to come and want to check it out.”

Kanoe Perreira, a transfer student in her second year at Chaminade, said with excitement that this year’s Club Fest “was crazy but in a good way.”

“Some of the clubs were so crowded that we could barely get through,” she said. “But I think it’s a great way to let the Chaminade community know about it because it’s right in front of the café and Henry (Hall).”

“Get involved. Lead the way. Build community” – Office of Student Activites & Leadership