CSGA election season kicks off this month

CSGA election season kicks off this month

Kaipo Leopoldino represents his Chaminade spirit as he poses with the CSGA sign.

If you are among the majority of students whose call to Chaminade was based on the small class sizes and staying close to home, you are not alone. As a local boy from the Big Island of Hawaii and a pre-law/criminal justice major, Kaipo Leopoldino, 19, had the same intuition.

Since then, Leopoldino has begun to find his way in making an impact on his life through his college experiences at Chaminade. He is currently the CSGA House of Rep’s (HOR) chair, as well as the president of the Hawaiian Club and is also involved in the school play.

The decision made by Leopoldino in choosing Chaminade, led him down another path that sparked an opportunity for him to fundamentally grow within his home state while advancing in his leadership qualities.

“I am always open to help the school in whatever way possible,” Leopoldino said.

Leopoldino not only takes part in many of the committees around Chaminade’s campus, but finds a way to hold a significant role in them as well.

“It is one thing to have something to say, but it is another thing to be able to act on it,” Leopoldino said.

Being only a sophomore, Leopoldino delegates as the HOR for Chaminade’s Student Government and is continuing to lead by example within Chaminade walls.

“I want to be a leader, and the skills needed for that can only be acquired with practice,” Leopoldino said. “I am qualified to hold a position on the executive board because of my past experiences in leadership positions and also my charismatic personality.”

Leopoldino has not expressed an interest in which position he will run for in the 2012-13 election. However, he has still guaranteed himself as a contestant.

“I am worried about competition, no matter what position,” Leopoldino said. “I know that Chaminade is full of capable leaders of tomorrow.”

With an executive board in the CSGA consisting of three seniors graduating this spring semester, as well as two junior/seniors who are graduating in December 2012, Chaminade government policy determines that the CSGA will end with only two eligible returners for the 2012-2013 positions. One of which will be Leopoldino, leaving six chairs open for new elected officials.

The CSGA election process is kicking off this Wednesday, March 7, from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. at the Courtyard with its annual interest meeting to prepare for the April election. At the event, students interested will get their photo taken and receive a registration packet in which they must complete to be considered in the campaign.

Leopoldino’s involvement in the CSGA as well as in many of Chaminade functions may seem like a lot, but he stated that it is important to be involved because it gives you the opportunity to act on your voice.

Implementing these qualities, Leopoldino resides in office with many well-equipped and involved leaders at Chaminade, many of which have held other leadership roles through Chaminade’s various committees.

Pulling up his HOR “chair” to this upcoming CSGA election table, Leopoldino shared his insider’s view through some of his most recent and rewarding CSGA experiences.

Last month, while attending the Ho’Opili Hou Leadership Conference on Kauai, Leopoldino and the other CSGA members learned many hands-on skills such as service techniques as well as communication building exercises where they had the opportunity to mingle with other school’s leaders throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Leopoldino says that his most rewarding experience was through this networking between Chaminade and the other universities.

Chaminade’s student government will need a strong leadership team this upcoming year as they loose six of their elected officials.

However, Leopoldino, already with the experience as a member, offers dedication to the team as well as some advice while he also continues to advance himself one step at a time.

“The best advice I can give the upcoming HOR chair is to stay organized, and be on top of your dates,” Leopoldino said. “Know the clubs, and keep communication open!”

As HOR representative, Leopoldino said that he still strives to further himself in the CSGA electoral running, as well as offer more opportunities for involvement here at Chaminade.

Reaching new heights, Leopoldino has brought together a strong and well-rounded representation of the student body here at Chaminade University and is excited to continue his tenure as another imminent piece in the CSGA.