Jamming CUH


Jordan Zizzi, a junior at Chaminade dropping beats on the radio

When you’re stuck in traffic and there’s nothing on the radio, you are hoping for is for one of your favorite songs to come on. Radio CUH, Chaminade’s internet radio, is now taking care of you. In order to listen in go to www.radiocuh.org, click “listen now.”

Now the radio class has 15 DJs in training who hope to be on the air as much as possible. Disc jockeys will be scheduled throughout the week to play their favorite tunes as well as give their friends shoutouts over the air. Students such as Jordan Zizzi, a junior at Chaminade University, have been in the radio room located in Eiben Hall Room 127 daily. The students are up to speed in the learning process, and the class is starting to gain listeners. Radio CUH is trying to mold itself in the likeness of University of Hawaii’s KTUH which is a student-managed radio station.

“KTUH is a student running radio station who helps students reach their goals of becoming DJ’s or broadcasters,” said Tim Dominguez, who is a former Dj, Broadcaster for KTUH who worked his own techno show for six months.

Chaminade is hoping it is on its way to the same path of success as University of Hawaii KTUH. Right now there are an average eight listeners who log on to Radio CUH daily.

“This is awesome. We’ve only really been up and running for about three weeks and we already have a rate of listeners,” said Tom Galli, who is the professor of the radio class.

On Dec. 27, the radio class at Chaminade became an open curriculum for all its students. Students learn how to become a DJ. The students practice talking on the air and improve their communication skills. They also learn about the laws and rules of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act [DMCA]. The DMCA is a United States copyright law that reflects international treaties on intellectual property.

“This class was created for students who are interested in broadcasting as well as students with a passion for music,” Galli said. “It gives students the opportunity to express themselves.”