Break N Anger: Learn What All The Rage Is About


Carolina Palotti

Courtesy of Break n Anger Founder, Carolina Palotti.

In recent years, Honolulu has added axe throwing and an escape room. But the most recent addition to the list of unconventional and entertaining activities is Hawaii’s first rage room, Break N Anger. The room’s premise is simple: break whatever comes to your imagination, from glass items, large electronics, maybe a flat screen television. It provides a place to be reckless in a safe environment. 

Founders Mark Gaulke, Carolina Palotti and Cody Jarrett opened the business in July in Kakaako on 1008-A Kawaihao St. The business idea originated from Gaulke, who viewed a YouTube video of a rage room concept. He then brought his friends Jarrett and Palotti on board to expand on the idea and make it tangible. The friend group of 10 years wanted to bring to Hawaii an experience that has yet to be offered on the islands: a rage room. 

“We grow up all our lives with our parents or somebody telling us ‘Hey don’t break it, that’s expensive,’” Palotti said. “You’re losing something if you’re breaking it. In Break N Anger, you gain space because you are letting go [of your emotions].”

The Break N Anger founders commenced their brand development in March 2020. Yet, due to the pandemic, they decided to take their time with the creation of the business. While Gaulke and Jarrett focused on the destruction aspects of the service, Palotti offered insights of mindfulness. Break N Anger was more than merely breaking items but of taking responsibility for one’s emotions and to view anger in a positive light. 

“We wanted to bring a more vocational context. How can you take responsibility of your own anger instead of blaming and releasing it on others,” Palotti said. “Because it’s ours, right? Who feels the anger? Us. But we learn in society to say, ‘Oh you make me angry, not I feel angry.’” 

For about $60 per person (prices vary based on the number in the group), visitors are allowed access to a room filled with fragile, breakable items. Armed with gloves, a face shield and a jumpsuit, sessions (lasting between 15 and 30 minutes long) are provided with tools such as a baseball bat, sledgehammer, crowbar, and more for use. With pulsing lights and the music of your choice, you can then destroy  various items in a room. In addition, be sure to sign your name on the wall of past customer signatures.

In regards to the breakable items, some are donations but the majority are purchased by the company. Products, from stores such as Goodwill, that remain on the shelves are eventually disposed of. But, the company purchases the items to be used for the business rather than being thrown away. Offices, schools, and bars also contact Break N Anger to donate items such as old printers or glass bottles.

Palotti explained how thankful she is toward those who donate and appreciates the sense of community in the islands. 

Currently, customers love the experience and some have decided to become a part of the Break N Anger family. Break N Anger employee, Megan Tripp, was once a customer until offered an Anger Breaker Attendant position by Palotti. It has been three months since and the 30-year-old continues to happily assist customers with their rage room experience. 

“I did this [rage room] twice and I absolutely love it and the bosses here actually offered me a job,” Tripp said. “I was a repeat customer and I was like yeah, sure!”

If you are interested in experiencing what all the rage is about, reservations and payments are done online through the company website. For additional information and services, Instagram or Facebook pages are available.