CUH Alums Thrive After Graduation


Courtesy of Treston Silva and Andrew Ines

Some of the CUH alumni speak out about their experiences after graduation and how big of an impact Chaminade has made in their lives.

For all the talk of dean’s lists and in-college accomplishments, we often lose track of students once they graduate from Chaminade University. Here’s a look at what two recent alumni are doing now.

Andrew Ines attended Chaminade from 2014-2019. Ines majored in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing and minored in Computer Information Systems. He chose Chaminade because he wanted to continue his education at a Catholic university.

Courtesy of Andrew Ines
CUH alumnus Andrew Ines is currently the Communications and Marketing Intern for Brigid’s Path.

“Chaminade being a Marianist Catholic university seemed like it was a good fit for me,” Ines said.

All the experience that he gained at Chaminade, whether it be from leadership, service, work study or just interacting with people helped him for the real world.

Ines is now working as a full-time volunteer through the Marianist Partners in Urban Leadership Service and Education (PULSE) program. PULSE is a post-graduate, servant leadership and social justice initiative sponsored by the Marianists.

PULSE volunteers decide between a one- or two-year commitment to live in community in a lower-income Dayton, Ohio, neighborhood. They work full-time at a local nonprofit agency, gaining valuable leadership and career skills along the way.

Ines was placed as a full-time volunteer at Brigid’s Path. This organization is a newborn recovery center that services mothers, babies and families who are impacted by the opioid addiction and epidemic in Dayton.

He acts as its Communications and Marketing Intern, assisting on projects like website content, monitoring social media platforms and conducting market analysis and research.

“I am grateful for having been placed in my current position and being able to directly apply my degree to the work I am doing,” Ines said.

The Chaminade experience played a huge role in his life.

“The amount that Chaminade has contributed to me everyday life has been immense,” he said. “Chaminade University has made my college experience so fun.”

Treston Silva attended Chaminade from 2010-2014 and majored in Forensic Science with a minor in chemistry.

CUH alumnus Treston Silva, right, currently works in management for customer service/retail for Trader Joe’s.

Silva, who was born and raised in Kailua, currently works in management for customer service/retail at Trader Joe’s in Seattle. While this wasn’t the career path he was going for, he is very pleased and comfortable in his current line of work and that this is something that he can make into a long-term career.

“I was initially striving for a career in forensic science but realized that I loved working with people that are … alive,” he said.

Silva’s initial transition to the work force was nerve-racking for him. He didn’t end up pursuing a career in forensic science, but many jobs were delighted to know that he had a college degree.

“I think just having a degree made finding a job a lot easier,” he said. “Chaminade University also allowed me to branch my network and it helped me to put myself out there.”

Silva wished he used more resources such as the library and career services during his time at Chaminade. He also wished he looked into possible career options before his senior year came along.

If given the chance to go back to Chaminade, he would take the opportunity to audition for more musicals and plays as well as spend more time studying rather than playing pool in the student center.

Overall, Chaminade University made a huge impact of Silva’s everyday life. He was able to meet some of his closest friends there as well as developing a great work ethic which can be seen in his everyday work life.

Similar to Ines, Silva’s experience at Chaminade gave him the necessary tools for the real world. However, he felt sheltered on campus.

Silva recommends to the current students at Chaminade to step out of their comfort zones and try something new and to also start looking into careers before your senior year.

“There are so many professors at Chaminade that have connections, and it’s a great way to network,” he said. “College is the time to figure yourself out.”

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