Campus Ministry Director Travels World Before Landing at CUH


Kainoa Enos

Jeremiah Carter traveled around the world before landing at Chaminade as Director of Campus Ministry

 Jeremiah Carter has taken on the role of Chaminade’s director of Campus Ministry starting this 2019-2020 school year. With experience in both the seminary life and with Campus Ministry, Carter is prepared to take on the title of director of Campus Ministry.  

“Any person (whether you’re a faculty member, staff or students) can bring a host of life experiences, gifts and talents in higher education that is directed to what is truly fulfilling in the lives of others,” Carter said. “In such a community, grounded in faith tradition and values, we continue in the search for what is true, what is good, and what is beautiful.”

Carter was born in the Azores, which is a small island chain off the coast of Portugal. Carter grew up in a military family where he had the opportunity to live in various states such as California, Virginia, and Alabama. While attending high school in Alabama, Carter excelled in both academics and athletics.

After graduating from high school, Carter attended the University of South Alabama where he majored in Organizational Communication with a minor in Sociology. While pursuing his academics at the university, Carter also ran for the cross-country and track team. During his four years, Carter made the President’s List, became the captain of the cross-country team, and became involved with the college campus ministry.

After his college years, Carter enrolled at the Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology in Indiana.

“Contrary to widespread belief, attending seminary doesn’t mean that a student has to become a priest,” Carter said. “God desires to be close with you and will help you on your journey.”

After attending seminary, Carter became a former seminarian of the Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama where he had assignments that range from children’s vacation bible school to elderly care and homebound ministry.

During him time as a seminarian, Carter realized that the priesthood wasn’t the life for him and that he felt called to the married life. So after leaving the seminary, he went to visit his sister who was stationed in Hawaii. He fell in love with the island and people, which made him relocate here.

Carter continued the ministry life here on Oahu as the Director of Campus Ministry at Damien Memorial School from 2015- 2019.

During his time at Damien Memorial, Carter had coordinated school-wide liturgies that cultivate spirituality and worship in an ecumenical faith community. Carter also had other responsibilities ranging from, facilitating retreat programs that emphasize on personal, social, and spiritual formation. He also mentored and advised teams of student facilitators in leadership and community development as well as assembling a student-led advocacy in Catholic Social Teaching.

After Damien Memorial, the next stop on Carter’s ministry journey landed him at Chaminade during this 2019-2020 school year. So as the new campus minister, it seems that Carter might bring new unique changes to the campus.

As the new director of Campus Ministry, Carter created a personal goal for himself. “To build, inspire, and nurture a supportive ecumenical community of believers. Strive to transform students grounded in Catholic tradition and help prepare them to make lasting contributions for out local and global communities.”

Carter also has plans to bring new and exciting events to the university.

“This year I’m looking to try some new activities that incorporate the beauty of creating and spirituality (found especially here in Hawaii) with a surfing outreach event,” he said. “Another ‘to do’ this year is a contemporary worship music service coupled with an ancient Catholic Christian tradition called ‘Adoration.'”

With a small amount of time on campus, Carter seems to be enjoying himself here at Chaminade.

“The average day is pretty lively now that classes are back in session,” he said. “There are still plenty of new places to visit around campus and someone new to meet or greet wherever I go. I’m just excited to be more of a part of this special community and continue journeying with others.”

Carter can be reached in his office in Ching Hall (Room 104) or via email at [email protected].