Fit Club Breaks a Sweat at Chaminade


Sarah Cervantes

Fit Club after a long hike.

Make new friends and get in shape with Fit Club at Chaminade.

Fit Club is a club that promotes living a healthy lifestyle including having and maintaining a healthy diet as well physical activity to keep the body strong.

“For the food aspects of it we like to go to health bars or get acai bowls, and for our event we will go either hiking or paddle boarding or just something to keep our members active.” said Sarah Cervantes, president of Fit Club

Fit Club meets two or three times a month and sponsors events every semester such as hikes to Lulumahu Falls and the Ehukai Pillbox hike.

“We’ve done all the basic hikes like Manoa Falls and Lanikai Pillbox hike,” Cervantes said “We’re really open to suggestions so if somebody finds a new hike or activity we are always happy to do it. I really liked paddle boarding in Waikiki last semester, which is something I haven’t done before.”

Fit club splits it’s time between physical activity and going out for healthy food.

“I really enjoy when we get food,” said Amber Rodriguez, the treasurer for Fit Club “We always go somewhere healthy but it’s always somewhere delicious and something to look forward to.”

The club has recently gone out for acai bowls and has previously met at Health Bar and Fresh Catch.

Fit Club, which started about three to four years ago, is more than hiking; it’s also a great way to make new friends. About 30 people are on the club’s mailing list, and about 10 people show up to its events.

“The best part is meeting all the new people.” said Cervantes “We have a lot of people in the club but the group is always different depending on who came. Fit Club is open to everyone, and anyone is welcome to come along on a hike or event.”

Fit Club’s next event is on Sunday, April 23, when its members will be kayaking to Nā Mokulua, commonly referred to as the Mokes, off Lanikai Beach in Kailua.

“Fitness Club is a great way to stay motivated.” Said Rodriguez. “If you don’t feel like you can do something like a hike or something it’s great to go with a group because sometimes that seems to make it easier.”

Although the activities of Fit Club are fun they are hard work at the same time. “Anything we do is meant to be healthy and promote a healthy lifestyle.” Said Cervantes “So if we do an activity it has to be something physically demanding like hiking or swimming, and any food we get has to be really healthy.”

“There are no pizza parties in Fit Club.” Said Rodriguez jokingly.

Cervantes stated that in the future she would like to see more activities in the water such as more paddle boarding, surfing or swimming.

“We are always looking for more people,” Cervantes said.

If you are interested in joining, email the club at [email protected].