Juicy and delicious, Kono’s is a must


Kris Adams

Kalua Pig Sliders served with maui-style chips and a slice of pineapple

By Kris Adams, Staff Writer

Kono’s is a sweet spot where you can get a good meal for a cheap price. Originally the restaurant started up on the North Shore of Oahu in 2002 and has now expanded to Honolulu also.

Opening six months ago, the Honolulu restaurant is located on Kapahulu Avenue right next to the malasada-famous bakery Leonard’s Bakery. If you are driving to the restaurant, parking may be found on the back side of the building.

Before entering Kono’s it has signs showing it offers a student discount and markets its 12-hour slow roasted kalua pig, a slightly rustic design that hints of what comes inside.

The interior is urban, rustic and designed for customers to either order food to go or just sweep by quickly, as space is limited. It’s a cool place with merchandise displayed and its very own hot sauce products. It is not overwhelming and blends well in with the place, creating a warmth and welcoming feeling as a whole.

The menu has great variations, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. With emphasis on kalua pig, there are other options available if you are in a mood for something else. The bombers are pretty much a burrito with a local twist, and they offer sandwiches and plates also.

I decided to order the sliders, which had kalua pig, bbq sauce and slaw in a sweet dinner roll. It was served with three sliders, a slice of pineapple and maui-style chips. In addition, I ordered a guava lemonade to drink.

The serving size was perfect for lunch. As it was not overwhelming, but if you are hungry for a heavier meal, perhaps the Old School Pig Sandwich could do the job. The guava lemonade was fresh and sweet and blended well with the sliders.

The pork was juicy, tender and bursts in bbq flavors, it was high quality and had no dryness at all. The sweetness and hints of salt did not overflow the pork and overall gave a satisfying feeling at the end.

The atmosphere is cool, with the rustic interior and music playing, this is definitely a good spot for college students to grab a bite. The staff are open, inviting and easy to strike conversations with, which made the experience fun all over.

Most meals are between $7 and $15, making the place affordable and flavorful, the value for quality food is amazing. With various types of lemonade and limeade at $4 and milkshakes at $5, the alternatives for what you feel like having are close to endless, yet still affordable.

After being established in 2002 on Oahu’s North Shore, the restaurant made its first expansion into Honolulu this year and will be opening another restaurant in Kailua also.

Besides the student discount (10 percent), if you get a Kono’s tattoo of the restaurants surfing pig logo, you get lifetime 25 percent discount. A fun and vigorous way to save money and also spread the word about the good it serves.

As a whole, I will be returning to Kono’s for another meal … and more. It is a great place for a cheap price and the food is delicious.