Meet CSGA President Anthony Lamorena


Portrait of CSGA President Anthony Lamorena

By Kris Adams, Staff Writer

You might have passed him in the hallways, or seen changes happen at Chaminade, yet many are unaware of who the president of Chaminade Student Government Association is.

From Guam, Anthony Lamorena is a Business and Administration major, minoring in Political Sciences. He is Chaminade’s president of CSGA for this academic year.

The strong community ties that Chaminade has to Guam and the other Pacific Islands were a big draw for Lamorena to come to the university for his undergraduate degree.

“I [want] to represent students in a different way,” Lamorena said.

For the academic year, Lamorena wishes to bring students closer together and build Chaminade pride through empowering students voices and recognizing the student body. He wants to achieve this through different events and actions.

One of the main issues Lamorena wishes to address for students is the issue of parking, as students often have issues with finding available spaces. He explains how CSGA have spoken with University Policy, Planning and Assessment Advisory Council (UPAC) about making parking a higher priority than in previous years.  

“Looking at for the past two years, looking at how those two boards operated, I felt it was, they kind of always stayed in the same structure of what CSGA does,” he said. “… I feel like no one has redefined the role. And so I thought that is something I would want to look into.”

Along with addressing student issues, Lamorena wants to make the monthly town halls less formal so students will be interested in attending the meetings where matters for students are brought up for questioning. The next town hall meeting will most likely happen in late October.

The town hall meeting’s main goal is to inform and address issues that students bring up. Some issues that were brought up in earlier town hall meetings have been about bus passes, club storage and issues students have dealt with in the university dorms.

For the moment, CSGA is working on getting established, handling the Pacific Island Review (PIR) on Oct. 21 and expand intramurals sports where interests have spiked this year. For this semester, students can participate in basketball and flag football.

Although he did not expect to become CSGA president, Lamorena wanted to makes changes at Chaminade and CSGA directed him in the direction to make those changes. He further explained how setting goals is important and that if you want to make your ideas to happen, being in CSGA can help you achieve those goals.

In addition to getting involved with CSGA’s Senate, he became vice president of Marianas Club during his freshman year. He describes his first year at Chaminade as the beginning of his influential career at the university.

Besides studies and being president of CSGA, Lamorena enjoys telling jokes, socializing with friends and watching TV shows like “House of Cards” and “The Fosters.” If you hang out with him, he might show you some of his hidden talent cooking skills.