Serves delicious baked goods and coffee in hip Kakaako


Kristine Lindborg

Aloha Bakehouse & Cafe serves delicious baked goods and coffee for reasonable prices.

Located at 1001 Waimanu Street in the hip and artsy neighborhood of Kakaako, you can find Aloha Bakehouse & Cafe. With a vide variety of foods and drinks to choose from, a good atmosphere, and reasonable prices it’s a must try!

Aloha Bakehouse & Cafe, which focuses on baked goods first and is a cafe second, opened in August. Everything in the bake shop is made fresh every morning, which is noticeable when entering. Walking into the store, the delicious smell of baked goods and fresh coffee instantly hit me.

The atmosphere inside of Aloha Bakehouse & Cafe is welcoming and makes you feel at home. The interior style is rustic and chic, with plants placed around the room as decoration, and with a bicycle standing casually in front of some shelves. The room is quite small with only one large table by the window, and 4 to 5 bar stools standing in front of it. It might be inconvenient with the restricted seating if there is a lot of people there, but it doesn’t matter as it seems more like a grab-and-go kind of place.

The menu is short and sweet but with a wide variety of foods. It serves everything from scones, croissants, smoothies, acai, sandwiches, salads, and different types of coffee. The prices are pretty good as well, with $5 aloha breads, $3 scones, and $10 acai bowls loaded with granola, apple bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and honey.

For a filling and good lunch you should try the aloha breads. It is bread stuffed with different kinds of fillings and heated up in a panini press. Some of the different kinds of breads they offer are the meatlovers (pepperoni, portuguese sausage, bacon and ham), jalapeno (pepperoni, black olives and jalapeno), spinach (organic spinach and cheese), and the sun dried tomato, which I had. It tasted delicious, with a lot of sun dried tomato mixed together with melted cheese and spinach. The bread itself was also really good. Despite being thick, it did not take away the flavor of the fillings as it was soft and sweet.

If you crave something sweet, Aloha Bakehouse & Cafe also has a good selection of fresh and delicious scones. I tried the blueberry cream cheese scone, which was quite good. The scone was moist with a crisp crust, and with some raw sugar sprinkled on top. However, it could have been more cream cheese in it as it tasted more like a plain blueberry scone.

The coffee selection is also quite impressive, with several different options to choose from. The signature coffee is the aloha iced coffee ($6), which is a cold brew coffee that takes approximately 13 hours to brew. Other selections to choose from include a cold drip coffee from Kenya ($5), a hot drip coffee ($3), espresso ($3.5), latte ($4), and more.

I highly recommend stopping by for a grab-and-go lunch or for enjoying a treat and a cup of coffee in the cozy and welcoming bakehouse & cafe.