Career Fair springs opportunities for Chaminade students


Students had the chance to network and connect with major businesses and organizations at the Spring Career Fair.

Junior and Accounting major Jorisa Fernandez entered the Ching Conference Center with no expectation of what the Career Fair had to offer her on Friday, March 6. As she began to network and connect with major companies and organizations, she gained knowledge and confidence in learning the career opportunities available to her as an accounting student.

“It’s always a blessing to be given the opportunity to meet various schools, business, and organizations,” said Fernandez. “It was also beneficial and has helped me practice communicating and networking with major companies. … I’ve come across two in particular that pertained to my major in accounting, which were Gonzaga University and the University of Idaho. They have given me insight of the great programs they have available, further walking me through the processes I would have to go through if I decide to attend their university.”

Career Services, Student Support Services, and Delta Epsilon Iota Honor Society invited recruiters from major companies and organizations to Chaminade University for the annual Spring Career Fair. The event was held in Eiben in the Clarence T.C. Ching Conference Center.

Flyers were posted around campus informing students of the Career Fair. In preparation, various clubs at Chaminade had prepped students weeks in advance by hosting a Business Attire Fashion Show in the Vi & Paul Loo Student Center, and interview and résumés workshops as well.

Thirty-five organizations, with their best recruiters, reeled students in with endless amounts of pamphlets, business cards, and the occasional free pen and note pad. From 11:00 a.m. to 2 p.m., students entered the Ching Conference Center dressed in business attire and résumés at hand.

A variety of companies such as Apple Inc., Central Pacific Bank, and Panda Restaurant Group Inc. each had tables set up in the conference center. Tables were also lined up against the wall outside of Ching and accommodated military organizations, the Honolulu Police Department, and Peace Corps.

“We are always trying to find that next big thing,” said Daisy Jimenez-Antonio, a senior and DEI officer. “Sometimes we don’t know how to start or how to go about it, and Career Services offers students that opportunity through the Career Fair.”

DEI set up a station outside of Eiben for students and faculty to get food during the Career Fair. As an incentive for attending the Career Fair, DEI offered students a survey to fill out in exchange for a ticket. After completing the survey, students were handed tickets that allowed them to get free popcorn or shave ice of any flavor.

“The Career Fair is very beneficial because it is located here on campus,” said sophomore and nursing student, Hailey Hema. “It’s really convenient for students, and it’s sometimes crazy to go out to different parts of the island to find career opportunities. So to have something here on campus really helps students find jobs to support them while in school. This is also a volunteer opportunity for us (DEI) to give back here on campus.”

The Career Fair takes place every semester in the Ching Conference Center for students seeking job opportunities.